Weekend gun melee in Peoria, Illinois leaves 13 shot: Report

Democrats and their allies in the mainstream media establishment have spent a great deal of effort trying to get Americans to believe that violence at the hands of police is to blame for a disproportionate amount of injuries and deaths among Black Americans.

That narrative quickly falls apart upon the slightest examination, however, as an early morning filled with gun violence that left 13 shot in Peoria, Illinois this past weekend clearly illustrates.

Deadly violence grips Peoria

Chicagoland and its surrounding counties are home to some of the very worst kinds of urban violence, week in and week out, but the true depth of the problem often goes unreported by mainstream outlets who routinely appear disinterested unless a police officer may be to blame.

Almost three hours away from the Windy City, one would think that Peoria, Illinois would be far-removed from the all-too-common bloodshed — but as Fox News reported Sunday, that is not the case.

According to USA Today, in the early morning hours of Sunday, gunshots rang out during a fight between groups along the city’s waterfront, leaving 13 people wounded, with a man and woman being among the most severely harmed.

All together, there were roughly 200 people in the area when the shooting started, so it is surprising that even more people were not hurt.

Long, brutal weekend

Unfortunately, this was not the only example of senseless violence taking hold in Peoria.

Only hours before the incident along the riverfront took place, another man was reportedly shot in the face at an apartment complex within the city. The night before, a man was killed southwest of the downtown area.

Several hours before that, a car reportedly drove through someone’s home, with the driver then fleeing on foot, as Fox News reported.

Hours later, police found a man that had been dropped off at a local hospital suffering from a gunshot wound, and that man is reported to be in serious condition.

Whether Democrats want to admit it or not, these incidents of senseless violence and destruction have nothing to do with police brutality, President Donald Trump, his policies, or anything else.

They are simply the everyday tragedies that occur in the communities that have been neglected by those who run them.

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