Weaponized court that banned Trump includes a 'gay icon'

 December 20, 2023

This story was originally published by the WND News Center.

Four Democrat appointees on the Colorado Supreme Court who decided that President Donald Trump was guilty of being an "insurrectionist," without any evidence of a conviction, or even charges, included a musician and a "gay icon," according to an analysis by the Daily Mail.

The four made up a majority of the seven-member court that has claimed that Trump is not eligible to run for office in 2024 because of a relic from the Civil War, a constitutional provision that uniquely already has allowed Congress to overrule its requirements.

The judges, part of a Colorado judicial system that has been plagued with accusations of mismanagement, fraud, and even criminal activity in recent years, are Richard L. Gabriel, Melissa Hart, Monica Marquez, and William W. Hood.

Their claims stem from Trump's encouragement on Jan. 6, 2021, for his fans to go to the Capitol and protest what they considered a defective election "peacefully."

A few hundred rioted.

But their sentiment about the election actually has proven accurate, as evidence now has confirmed the undue influence on the results from the $400 million plus that Mark Zuckerberg handed out like candy to various elections officials who often used it to recruit Democrat votes.

Further, the FBI interfered with the results by telling media corporations to suppress accurate, but extremely damaging, information about the Biden family revealed in a laptop computer abandoned by Hunter Biden.

The agents, at the time they were calling those details "Russian disinformation," knew that the charges were accurate.

Subsequent polling showed that interference alone cost President Trump the election and handed it to Joe Biden.

The report called the ruling a "bombshell" and pointed out it was the first time in history that Section 3 of the 14th Amendment, which disqualifies "insurrectionists" from office, has been used to attack a presidential candidate. The provision technically does not include presidents, analysts have confirmed.

The ruling likely is facing immediate appeals.

The four judges, without any charges of insurrection against Trump, decided those Jan. 6 events were an insurrection and Trump was guilty.

The case was before the court in a case brought by Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics on behalf of voters.

"In the career-defining decision, the justices claimed that they did 'not reach these conclusions lightly' and said they were 'mindful of the magnitude and weight of the questions' before them," the report explained.

Trump accused the four Democrats of election interference and legal expert Jonathan Turley accused the four of "throwing matches" at a country that already is "a powder keg."

Trump, of course, is far and away the leading GOP candidate for the office and has consistently shown in polling that he likely would defeat Biden.

The report noted Gabriel, a Yale graduate, has faced harassment accusations from a female law clerk but an outside investigation suggested the claim wasn't well-founded.

He's known for playing his trumpet in various jazz bands.

Hart came to the court after a career in leftist academia, teaching at the Boulder-based University of Colorado after graduating from Harvard.

The report noted she had "previously been implicated [in] a discrimination lawsuit filed by a black job applicant at the Supreme Court. Michele Brown had accused Hart and other judges of engaging in racial and age discrimination when they declined to hire her as a rules attorney."

Her case later was dismissed by another judge.

Marquez, a Yale graduate, promotes her "gay" lifestyle through the Colorado LGBT Bar Association.

The report said Hood was praised by Democrat Gov. John Hickenlooper at his appointment for creating "informed decisions."

And Hood promised to do "all that I can" to "deserve the vote of confidence" from the Democrats.

Dissenting were Chief Justice Brian D. Boatright dissented, concluding that a state court hearing wasn't the venue for such constitutional questions. Justices Maria E. Berkenkotter and Carlos Samour also dissented.

Trump campaign spokesman Steven Cheung said the ruling wasn't a surprise from "the all-Democrat appointed Colorado Supreme Court.

He said Democrats are "in a state of paranoia over the growing, dominant lead President Trump has amassed in the polls.

Turley said the court even got the fundamentals wrong, as January 6 "was many things, most of it not good. In my view, it was not an insurrection. It was a riot."

Actually, insurrection is defined as an organized attempt to overcome and replace an existing government, including particulars such as taking control of the military, the government's finances, its operations, and more, none of which was attempted on Jan. 6.

Another report, from the World Tribune, documented how Hart "is the granddaughter of fired Watergate Special Prosecutor Archibald Cox." Her mother Phyllis's brother is Archibald Cox, Jr.

The report noted, "Malicious betrayal of the American people runs in the family."

And it explained, "In the 1990s, Hart’s uncle Archibald Jr. joined notorious globalist nation-destroyer George Soros in a business deal that led to the 2004 move of a major U.S. manufacturing plant producing vitally important high-tech magnets made from rare earth minerals for the Pentagon to China."

The report documented, "The transfer was so outrageous that it became a go-to campaign staple for Hillary Clinton in attacking the George W. Bush administration when she ran for president in 2008."

The report said it was in 1995 that "General Motors decided to sell Indiana-based Magnequench to a Chinese-American consortium. The consortium included: San Huan New Materials and Hi-Tech Co., a company owned by the Chinese Academy of Sciences. Onfem Holdings is a company controlled by the State Nonferrous Metals Industry Administration in the People’s Republic of China. Soros Fund Management, headed by George Soros. The Sextant Group, founded by Archibald Cox Jr."

Clinton lashed out, "A Chinese company bought Magnequench. The people of Indiana, the company, and the elected officials begged the Bush administration to block the Chinese company from moving the jobs to China…. Not only did the jobs go to China, but so did the intellectual property and the technological know-how to make those magnets…. I’m not comfortable with the fact that we now have to buy magnets for our bombs from China."

The report said Cox was "richly rewarded" for his efforts to move the tech to China, as he "later moved into a $12 million luxury New York residence."

The report noted, "What other word could possibly apply to Archibald Cox Jr.’s malevolent Soros-abetted financial assault on U.S. national security than treason? It’s a term that easily applies to the four politicized state Supreme Court justices who have violated the voting rights of all Americans in Colorado."

Local Colorado media has documented various allegations and charges of corruption and misbehavior in the Colorado judiciary, including an investigation by the state auditor into the Colorado Judicial Branch that found evidence of occupational fraud, apparently illegal transactions, and the misuse of public funds.

Colorado has been run almost exclusively by Democrats since several Democrat billionaires colluded in the early 2000s to strategically fund and win key legislative races with huge donations.

The Colorado judiciary also has unleashed some stunningly incorrect decisions in recent years, including endorsing the state's unconstitutional attacks on baker Jack Phillips, who refused to violate his Christian faith in order to promote LGBT lifestyles. The U.S. Supreme Court actually scolded the state for its "hostility" to Christianity.

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