‘Weak on China’: Trump, Perdue slam Ossoff over business ties to China

Jon Ossoff, one of the two Democratic challengers to Georgia’s GOP senators in this week’s runoff elections, claimed victory over rival Sen. David Perdue on Wednesday, ostensibly securing a governing majority in the upper chamber for his party.

Nevertheless, he has faced widespread criticism on various issues throughout the campaign — including accusations from President Donald Trump this week that he promoted Chinese propaganda and failing to disclose pertinent business relationships with the foreign nation.

“They never criticize”

Trump’s opprobrium came during a rally in Georgia on the eve of Tuesday’s election, according to Breitbart.

He held little back in his attack on the Democrat in front of thousands of his supporters on Monday, calling Ossoff an “unhinged radical leftist” before taking aim at the aforementioned China connections.

“He is weak on China,” Trump declared. “He promoted Chinese propaganda and then he failed to disclose his business ties to the Chinese Communist Party.”

Going on to address the Democratic Party’s perceived embrace of China, Trump asserted that the party “will surrender the entire U.S. manufacturing industry to China” if given the chance.

“You notice they never criticize China,” he said. “They never criticize.”

“Now you have Jon Ossoff”

The president’s remarks came as the balance of power in the Senate was still in dispute. He pleaded with Georgia voters to make sure they voted — although the apparent results of the race indicate his last-minute push fell short.

Nevertheless, Trump hammered home criticism of Ossoff’s controversial relationship with China, including payments his documentary film company reportedly received.

Ossoff later amended his financial disclosures to include the funds, but he was widely accused of attempting to hide the payments to reveal the nature of his involvement with the Hong Kong-based company.

Perdue also hit his opponent on the same issue during the campaign, claiming that Ossoff was “compromised” by his foreign dealings.

“The [Chinese Communist Party] has identified for some time young ambitious liberal politicians,” he said. “You see it now coming out in [U.S. Rep.] Eric Swalwell [(D-CA)]. You see it in Hunter Biden. Now you have Jon Ossoff.”

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