‘We won’: CNN’s Cuomo faces backlash for coverage of Georgia Senate runoff races

A number of mainstream media personalities have attempted to convince Americans that they are nonpartisan journalists while hiding their leftist ideology behind a thin veneer.

For CNN’s Chris Cuomo, however, the veil appeared to drop late Tuesday evening during the coverage of the ongoing U.S. Senate runoff races in Georgia.

“We already know”

As results came in that showed the two Democratic challengers stood a good chance of defeating the incumbent Republican senators, Cuomo remarked that “we won” in what many viewers interpreted as a tacit admission of his progressive views.

The exchange came during live coverage as anchored on the cable news network by Cuomo and fellow host Don Lemon.

During their conversation, the pair expressed apparent pleasure upon reporting the direction of the two races, cracking jokes and all but cheering on Democrats Raphael Warnock and Jon Ossoff in their bids to unseat Republican Sens. Kelly Loeffler and David Perdue.

“So, I’ll tell you who won tonight, we already know, you did,” Cuomo told the CNN audience, according to reports. “Once again a beautiful display of democracy in action.”

He went on to contrast the incoming results with his prior insistence that Georgia’s electoral system had become beset by GOP-led voter suppression efforts, declaring: “We’re not getting any funny business out of the state of Georgia. The officials are content with how it’s going.”

“CNN is anti-GOP”

Cuomo, whose older brother is Democratic New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo, continued his commentary with an apparent glimpse into his true beliefs.

“We have a long way to go, counting could take some time,” he said. “I do not expect it to be called tonight, but we will be going through it. But already, we know on the numbers that we have, we won. Democracy won.”

It is unclear whether Cuomo even realized or cared that his first-person proclamation led some viewers to interpret his remarks as dropping the facade of purported impartiality.

“Who is ‘we,’ sir?” Newsbusters’ Matt Vespa asked in a piece for Townhall. “You and the Democratic Party, right? But of course, it is. CNN is anti-Trump. CNN is anti-GOP.”

While Cuomo is unlikely to acknowledge any impropriety, he is not alone among his media peers in claiming to be neutral despite evidence of an ideological filter.

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