'We want it now': Black clergy demand $15 billion from 'white' churches

 March 25, 2024

This story was originally published by the WND News Center.

Advocates for reparations for blacks, those individuals and groups who want members of modern society who never owned slaves to pay huge sums to members of today's black community who never were slaves, now are demanding $15 billion from "white" churches.

A report from WHDH explains the so-called Boston People's Reparations Commission issued a weekend statement demanding Boston's "white" and "establishment" churches "confess to their complicity" and "transfer portions of their enormous wealth to a mostly impoverished and underserved black community."

"Many of the well-known white churches in downtown Boston are connected to the slave trade and the proliferation of what was a ‘slavetocracy’ in our city," claimed Kevin Peterson, founder of the activist organization.

He earlier prompted the city to apologize for "complicity" in slavery, and that statement later triggered the creation of the task force.

"Beginning in the 17th century, all of our colonial churches were founded on the profits of slavery. Colonial ministers were among the most likely to have enslaved servants," said John Gibbons of the Arlington Street Church in Boston.

"Black people, the descendants of slavery, have been washing the feet of our oppressors for well over 400 years," said Danielle Williams, director of a social justice group called Prophetic Resistance Boston.

"Now it's time for you to wash our feet. The descendants of slavery, we want our reparations. We want it now."

The race-based reparations ideology has been spreading across the nation in recent years, with demands from black organizations and leaders that whites, who never participated in the slave trade, pay them.

Leftists in Congress have suggested legislation giving housing to those whose ancestors may or may not have been slaves, there have been plans that would give members of the black community special privileges in state licensing programs, state legislative "black caucus" members have strategized to cash in and claims have been announced for some $14 trillion in those payments.

Of course, there have been a few bumps in the plan, including when the Gateway Pundit reported when Sunny Hostin, a "far-left progressive political commentator," was identified as the descendant of slave owners.

"The episode left the 55-year-old far-left host grappling with a complex personal revelation," the report said.

"Hostin, whose mother is Puerto Rican and father is African American, has long identified with her Puerto Rican heritage and the civil rights movement. However, the PBS series hosted by Henry Louis Gates Jr. uncovered that Hostin’s maternal ancestors were far from the freedom fighters she had imagined; they were slave owners in Spain."

According to Daily Mail, Hostin’s third great-grandfather, Fermín, a son of a Spanish merchant who was likely involved in the slave trade, was revealed to have owned slaves. Hostin also found out that she is only 7% indigenous Puerto Rican.

“Wow, I’m a little bit in shock. I just always thought of myself as half Puerto Rican. I didn’t think my family was originally from Spain and slaveholders,” she said.

Another report identified Democratic Rep. Jamaal Bowman of New York as the lawmaker claiming that a proposed "Green New Deal” aimed at public housing was a form of “reparations.”

Bowman made the remarks during an event at which Democratic Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez of New York and Independent Sen. Bernie Sanders of Vermont promoted the “Green New Deal for Public Housing Act.” Bowman, a member of “The Squad,” said that “historically marginalized communities” would receive “reparations” through the “Green New Deal” program for public housing and a similar program for public schools.

He said, "I also want to plug, we must also pass the Green New Deal for public schools, because the Green New Deal for public schools working in conjunction with the Green New Deal for public housing, is a form of reparations for our historically marginalized communities."

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