‘We Must be Naked’: Hunter Biden ‘Demanded Sex from Employee’

This story was originally published by the WND News Center.

The Daily Mail, which obtained a copy of the hard drive from that infamous laptop computer Hunter Biden abandoned at a repair shop, is reporting that it documents how the president’s son demanded video sex from an employee, on the threat of withholding her pay.

The hard drive has revealed a long list of unsavory behaviors on the part of Hunter Biden, and even has implicated Joe Biden in some questionable financial transactions, such as the 10% the “big guy” was supposed to be getting from one of Hunter’s schemes involving Chinese officials.

The Daily Mail periodically has done a deep dive into the details from the hard drive, each time revealing questionable behavior.

The newest scenario is that Hunter “threatened one of his cash-strapped young female staffers with withholding her pay if she didn’t FaceTime him for sex,” the report said.

The young woman, 29 at the time, was not identified by the report. But she worked as an assistant at Hunter’s firm, Owasco, in 2018 and 2019.

The drive details show “Hunter asking for video sex sessions and sending her cash via Apple Pay after she pleaded that she was struggling to make the rent.”

The assistant first appeared on Hunter’s laptop in June 2018, “when he flew her from Los Angeles to Washington.”

Hunter “filmed and photographed her having sex with him round that time and saved the images on his laptop.”

But in January 2019, she emailed Hunter’s secretary asking why she had not gotten a December paycheck of $837.06, and why her company health insurance was inactive.

He apologized for treating her so poorly, and invited her to New Hampshire, to which she responded she could barely pay the rent.

“Days later he texted her saying he would pay her but that she had to video chat with him,” the report charged.

“I will [m]ake up for back pay. You have to make up for back work. By FTiming me and/or going to our next-club party,” he demanded. “When can you face time? If we FT the rule has to be no talk of anything but sex and we must be naked and we have to do whatever the other person asks within reason.”

Amid the exchanges, Hunter sent her $2,750 via Apple Pay.

He also told her to “set the phone up [so] I can spy on you showering.”

The report said the woman is named in the Suspicious Activity Reports filed by JP Morgan Chase with the U.S. Treasury, citing suspicions of transactions by Hunter Biden.

The Mail report said an investigative team found payments from Hunter or his company to the woman in 2018 totaling $40,500.08.

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