‘We feel like we’re being sanctioned’: Alaska Gov. on Biden’s refusal to allow U.S.-based oil drilling

Alaska Gov. Mike Dunleavy (R) slammed President Joe Biden and his administration on Friday for refusing to increase oil production in the United States, Fox Business reports

Dunleavy’s comments came during an appearance on the Fox News Channel’s Cavuto: Coast to Coast. 

There, Dunleavy discussed the Biden administration’s energy policies focusing particularly on Biden’s halting of new oil leases on U.S. land. Dunleavy, to say the least, appeared quite frustrated with Biden’s approach.

“We feel like we’re being sanctioned”

Referring to recent moves by the Biden administration, Dunleavy told host Neil Cavuto, “there is obviously, obviously, an attempt to discredit or otherwise shut down fossil fuel production, including oil and gas, certainly coal but including oil and gas.”

“That’s not helping this country,” Dunleavy continued. “That’s not helping securing the world right now. I mean, just ask the Europeans [about] the pickle they’re in. And so, again, we don’t understand it.”

Dunleavy went on to express what it is that makes this situation so frustrating, namely, that America has the means to deal domestically with the energy crisis, but Biden won’t allow it to do so.

“Because we [Alaska] like Texas, like North Dakota, New Mexico, other states, we have the ability to turn the spigots on if we have the go-ahead,” Dunleavy said. “And, that’s all we’re asking for is the go-ahead.”

“We feel like we’re being sanctioned,” Dunleavy added. “When we have our president go into foreign nations and some of them with, you know, potentially nefarious characters at the helm, it doesn’t make any sense to us.”


Dunleavy, with this last remark, was referring to the fact that President Biden decided to go to the Middle East to ask Saudi Arabia for more oil rather than ask for the same from American states. Biden did so despite the fact that, as a presidential candidate, he vowed to treat Saudi Arabia as a “pariah” state for its alleged human rights abuses, including the alleged murder of journalist Jamal Khashoggi.

It is unclear whether Saudi Arabia has agreed to Biden’s request. The reporting on the subject continues to be less than clear. Some outlets are reporting that Saudi Arabia has committed to increasing its oil production, while other outlets have reported Suadi Arabia as saying that it doesn’t really have the capacity to increase oil production.

It appears that we might have to just wait to see whether or not it actually happens.

But, as Dunleavy suggested, the whole situation is absurd. There is just no legitimate reason why we are relying on Saudi Arabia to help with the energy crisis when we can take care of it ourselves.

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