CBP commissioner warns of ‘waves’ of illegal border entries under Biden’s proposed policy changes

Presumptive President-elect Joe Biden has made it clear that he intends to reverse virtually all of President Donald Trump’s immigration and border policies, and news of those plans have spread like wildfire through Central America in a manner that has already prompted a surge in migrants attempting to either seek asylum or illegal entry into the United States.

Some of Biden’s top advisers are now suggesting the dramatic changes may take some time to implement, but Customs and Border Protection Commissioner Mark Morgan said Biden’s policies will indeed spark “waves of attempted illegal entries” in greater numbers than have been seen before, regardless of the timing of the proposed policy changes, Breitbart reported.

Big changes coming

Morgan’s cautionary words were likely in response to a recent Washington Post article that shared parts of an interview that top Biden advisers Susan Rice and Jake Sullivan had done with Spanish-language media outlet EFE.

Both advisers noted that big changes were coming in terms of border and immigration policies, albeit at a later date, and urged patience while the details were finalized and implementation was eventually rolled out.

Some changes include Trump’s “Remain in Mexico” policy for asylum seekers who traveled through Mexico, as well as “asylum cooperative agreements” the Trump administration had reached with Mexico and several other Central American nations that made it easier for illegal entrants and asylum seekers to be returned to their home country while awaiting adjudication.

“As currently written, the outgoing administration’s so-called ‘asylum cooperative agreements’ deny the right to apply for asylum in the United States to desperate asylum seekers rather than helping create alternative pathways to protection,” Sullivan told EFE.

“Waves of attempted illegal entries”

Both of those proposed changes prompted Morgan to issue a warning about the likely outcome of even just publicly discussing such potential changes that may or may not occur in the near future.

“These humanitarian agreements demonstrate the Trump administration’s unwavering efforts to secure America’s borders from illegal entry by working closely with our regional partners. Without these agreements, we will likely see waves of attempted illegal entries similar to 2019,” Morgan tweeted Tuesday.

“Our collaborative approach with our partner countries will protect the American homeland from uncontrolled mass migration during a global pandemic while also allowing migrating Central Americans a safe place to seek protection closer to their homes,” the CBP chief added.

Agreements tossed out

Morgan also linked his tweets to a Department of Homeland Security press release concerning the finalization and signing of an Asylum Cooperation Agreement with El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras, which would now authorize the U.S. to “be able to remove certain eligible migrants seeking humanitarian protection to each of the ACA countries.”

“Implementation of the agreements will further strengthen the overall asylum capabilities in the Northern Triangle countries and across the region and will allow asylum seekers to access protection closer to their home. I want to thank our partners in Guatemala, El Salvador and Honduras for their hard work and leadership to get these agreements across the finish line,” Acting DHS Secretary Chad Wolf said in the statement.

The press release noted that the new agreements would also help all of the nations involved with “combating mutual threats, including transnational criminal organizations and gangs, migrant smuggling, drug trafficking, and human trafficking.”

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