Report: Maxine Waters violated campaign finance laws

One of the leading voices against Donald Trump in the Democratic Party may have just sealed her own fate.

New reports point to alleged campaign violations by Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA) that could lead to her spending years behind bars.

The Scheme

The alleged campaign violation is related to mailers Waters’ campaign has been sending out. Within these mailers, Waters adds the names of other candidates up for election.

The law states if these are paid for, the money must come directly from the promoted candidate to the other campaign. But that’s not how this was working.

If the reports are correct, money was being funneled through various organizations before finally ending up in Waters’ bank account.

And there’s more: Some of the money paid was actually sent to Waters’ daughter, Karen.

In all, it is believed roughly $1 million was paid directly to Karen Waters.

It also happens to be illegal for campaign funds to be used to support a family member — just one more nail in the coffin is that it appears the money donated exceeds federal limits.

Jail Time?

The organization heading this investigation is the National Legal and Policy Center (NLPC), a conservative watchdog group.

The group is demanding a full audit of Waters’ finances and is extremely confident violations will be revealed in the process. And according to the director of the project, Waters wouldn’t be off the hook even if she repaid the money — the damage is already done.

Similar cases have resulted in sentences of more than two years in jail. Could Waters face a similar fate?

Waters has long been one of the primary voices ranting about nepotism in the Trump administration.

Meanwhile, she has been making her own daughter rich while doing nothing for the uninformed voters who continue to vote for her.

The practices of Waters’ campaign have come under scrutiny before, but her constant cries of impeachment have apparently poked the wrong bear.

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