Maxine Waters: ‘I don’t know’ if Joe Biden can beat Trump

The Democrat establishment is supposed to be unifying around its presumptive nominee, but Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA) apparently did not get the message.

Breitbart reported that when Waters was directly asked if Joe Biden had what it takes to beat Trump, she stated: “I don’t know, but we’ll see.”

Not exuding confidence

Right now, the entire Democratic Party is allegedly rallying behind Biden to show confidence in the proposition that he can beat Trump this November.

There are even reports of high-profile Democrats like Rep. James Clyburn (D-SC) and strategist James Carville demanding that the DNC stop the primary right now and declare Biden the nominee.

They are doing this even though Biden only has about a 150-delegate lead and has not yet eclipsed the halfway point in the process, not to mention the fact Bernie Sanders is still not locked out mathematically from securing the nomination.

With such calls for action, party leaders should be supremely confident in Biden’s ability to defeat Trump, right?

Listen to what Waters has to say about Biden, then assess her confidence as to whether he truly is the best candidate to face off against Trump:

The Biden gaffes

At the end of the video, Waters almost had a heart attack talking about Donald Trump’s gaffes, but any supposed miscues by the president are not what has the nation talking. What does have people’s attention is the fact that Biden threatened a union worker Tuesday while making a campaign appearance at an auto manufacturing plant in Detroit.

Biden’s other gaffes have also been well documented. He called Super Tuesday “Super Thursday,” mistook his sister for his wife at a rally, and seems to forget where he is on a regular basis.

As bad as these gaffes are, they are nothing compared to the frighteningly confrontational manner in which Biden has conducted himself when voters have hit him with hard questions about his platform or voting record.

This is now at least the third time has gotten heated with a voter, and he seems to get more aggressive with each encounter. Is the worst yet to come?

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