Rep. Maxine Waters says she has enough evidence to ‘impeach’ Trump

Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA) is once again waving the impeachment flag at President Trump.

Waters has led this movement from its inception, and now she is saying she finally has enough to impeach Donald Trump.

The Evidence is There

Waters has been after Donald Trump the moment he took the oath of office.

She is one of the many Democrats in office who have been begging leadership to go after the president and impeach him.

“I believe that we have everything that it needs to basically impeach him. I believe that,” she said.

But she also said she is very much depending on Robert Mueller to provide the proverbial nail in the coffin that can bury Trump.

Much of what Waters is pointing to is the fact that Trump continued to conduct his business while he was running for office. But unfortunately for Waters, there is nothing illegal about that.

Living in a Glass House

Meanwhile, it is rather ironic that someone who many consider to be the most corrupt politician in office today is the one calling out Trump for corruption. Scandals have been tied to Waters from the very early days of her tenure in politics.

While she talks about Trump family members and their business activities, Waters says nothing about the fact that her family members have gotten rich by working with and for businesses that have benefited from Waters’ actions while in office.

Her explanation for this? “They do their business, I do mine.”

Meanwhile, the representative’s daughter, Karen Waters, has been made rich working for her mom. Over the years, it is alleged that Waters has paid her daughter roughly $750,000 for sending out mailers during campaign season.

Rep. Waters has also spent some time in front of the Ethics Committee. While Waters was eventually cleared of all charges after a three-year investigation, the water smelled awfully funny around Waters over her push of the Treasury Department to bail out OneUnited Bank, an organization her husband owned stock in and was a former director of.

Waters’ campaign coffers also had stacks of money from many of that bank’s executives.

When all was said and done, OneUnited received $12 million in TARP funds.

To put it bluntly, Waters is the one that should be impeached — not Donald Trump.

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