Maxine Waters admits that there is no factual basis for her accusations against Trump

The unashamed hubris of Democrats is officially at an all-time high.

Representative Maxine Waters (D-CA) was just caught on camera openly admitting she has absolutely no proof about the salacious allegations she has made against President Donald Trump.

Russian ties

Donald Trump is a businessman and prior to becoming president, he had hoped to open a hotel in Russia. That being the case, he obviously had a relationship with the Russian government prior to becoming our president.

Eventually, the idea of opening a Russian property was scrapped. Those ties are exactly what Rep. Maxine Waters has been pointing to in an effort to claim Trump is owned by the Russians.

She has made claim after claim based on these facts, but what she does not have is proof of any wrongdoing, and even she admits that. She recently stated during an interview on CNN: “I knew about his alignment with Putin, I knew about Manafort, and what the relationship was. And the fact that he had been sent there, uh, by Putin, in essence, to head up the president’s campaign.”

She went on, “Because I believe, even though I don’t have the facts to prove it.”

“I believe that Putin wanted to lift the sanctions. He’s always wanted to lift these sanctions that were placed on him because of his interfering with, and incursion into Crimea. And, so, I believe that they wanted to elect President Trump.”

The key part of her statement is that she believes it, even though in the very same breath, she has to admit that her suspicions are entirely unsubstantiated. Watch:

It’s why they are failing

Nobody has ever claimed that Trump was a polished politician or had a past that would not raise a few eyebrows.

The fact of the matter is that Trump never planned on running for president, so he did not have a team of people scrubbing his past like most of our current politicians have.

That past, however, is what has driven a lot of people to not like him. Waters can count herself among those and basically said that in the video above.

She makes these outrageous claims that she cannot prove, and that is exactly what Democrats are trying to impeach him for: What they want to believe rather than what they can actually prove.

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