Watchdog suing Biden administration over 'secret amnesty' program

October 24, 2023
Jen Krausz

The Immigration Reform Law Institute (IRLI), a watchdog group, announced Monday that it is suing the Biden administration over a secret immigration policy dating back to July 2021 that has been bringing illegal immigrants deported by previous administrations back to the U.S.

IRLI executives said DHS has refused to give details about its policy, which involves migrants who served in the U.S. Armed Forces but were deported after committing crimes. `

“This administration has made clear its desire to keep criminal aliens in the country, and now they are exploiting the American people’s support of military veterans to allow more potentially dangerous aliens to stay,” IRLI Executive Director Dale Wilcox said in a statement.

He added, "To make it worse, this White House is ignoring its legal obligation to respond to requests for information about this program. We will pursue this case so our citizens can know the truth about yet another Biden Administration effort that goes against their interests."

FOIA request ignored

According to the lawsuit, IRLI submitted a FOIA request in April requesting “all documentation and policies related to the DHS initiative … that identifies and returns previously deported non-citizen veterans” to the U.S.

DHS acknowledged that it received the request but did not say if or when it would comply.

“IRLI would love to know why DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas and the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services think it’s appropriate to launch a special amnesty, by executive fiat, that gives foreign criminals special treatment merely because they served briefly in our military services,” IRLI Director of Investigations Matt O’Brien said in a statement.

The Biden administration immigration policies have been bad enough without letting criminals back into the U.S.

More than eight million illegal immigrants have entered the U.S. since Biden took office, according to counts that include gotaways.

Lip service

Despite demands from Texas officials, Republicans, and even some sanctuary city mayors, the Biden administration has done nothing but pay lip service to making changes to its policies that would slow immigration down.

Biden halted border wall construction and now wants to build a tiny section of wall while leaving large parts of the border still unprotected.

Biden reversed former President Donald Trump's Remain in Mexico policy and ended Title 42 even though both policies were effective in curtailing the number of border crossings during Trump's tenure.

By the time anything can be done to stop the massive influx, the U.S. will have such a massive problem on its hands that it's unclear if it will be possible to do anything about it.

That's exactly what Democrats want, though.

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