WATCH: 'You're financially illiterate': Anchor schooled on shady Biden deals

 December 6, 2023

This story was originally published by the WND News Center.

Rep. James Comer, one of the U.S. House members investigating the suspicious money dealings of the Biden family over recent years, a scheme that already has been described as a massive multi-million dollar influence-peddling operation, has schooled a network anchor who argued the Democrat talking point that there's "no evidence" against Joe Biden.

The Washington Examiner explained Comer, the House Oversight Committee chief, has been attacked by legacy media operations for his investigation that has documented suspicious activity, including the fact the Biden family set up a multitude of shell corporations while he was vice president, corporations that took in millions of dollars from foreigners, including sources in China and Russia, after he was out of office.

Comer told NBC's Ryan Nobles exactly what he thinks of their defense of the Biden family's business dealings.

He charged that, "The American people aren't buying what you're selling" and added that the "mainstream media" is covering for the Bidens.

During al lengthy verbal fight, in which Nobles routinely spoke over Comer and didn't let him finish an answer, Nobles repeatedly "echoed White House claims that some evidence showed a simple loan, while Comer, a banker, said there is no proof of a loan and instead the transactions suggested influence peddling," the report said.

Nobles accused Comer of misleading, stating, "You're calling it an influence-peddling scheme, and you don’t even know definitively whether or not it’s a loan?"

Comer's response came immediately, and directly.

"You don’t understand. It’s like you’re financially illiterate. You look like a smart guy on TV. Listen, I’m a banker. You know, I’ve been involved in a bank board for a long time. The money that the Bidens pay Joe Biden back with came from influence peddling."

Nobles' claims were accompanied by no evidence, and Comer pointed out that was part of the problem. What now is perceived to be lucre paid to Joe Biden, the White House claims, are checks for $200,000 and $40,000 in repayment of a "loan."

But there's no evidence, Comer pointed out, of the actual money being loaned in the first place. He challenged Biden and his defenders to simply show that check.

The investigation likely is leading soon to a House vote on impeachment proceedings against Joe Biden.

Comer has been releasing actual findings and evidence for several weeks already.

That so far suggests the Biden family set up a myriad of shell companies to take money from people in Russia and China and other countries – an estimated $20 million – for providing no services other than access to Joe Biden and his influence.

Comer said, "I think that at this stage, we have more than enough evidence to continue with the impeachment inquiry. My job as chairman of the Oversight Committee was never to impeach. That's the Judiciary Committee. My job was to follow the money. We followed the money. The media has changed the goalposts so many times of what we had to find. You all said for months, 'OK, find evidence where Joe Biden benefited directly from the influence-peddling ...' We have seven transactions now that show that, and you say, 'Oh, well, there's evidence it's a loan.' It's not hard to prove a loan. Again, if I loaned you $240,000, I should have a check or wire to you. What they are showing the press is a wire from a law firm. Who knows where the money went into the law firm? The law firm could easily dispel this. 'Oh, OK, we've got a check from Joe Biden.' Somewhere, Joe Biden should have a check."

When Nobles insisted there's no "hard evidence," Comer pointed out, "Bank records don't lie."

Congress has subpoenaed Hunter Biden, who apparently was a key player in the business dealings, to testify in a closed hearing next week.

Comer noted it's concerning that there's evidence of Joe Biden's "involvement in the Ukrainian prosecutor, taking monies from China, Uzbekistan, Russia, for things we don't know what they did to receive the money."

In fact, Joe Biden, routinely took Hunter Biden along on Air Force Two during his international travels so that Hunter could meet with business operatives at those times.

Evidence reveals, too, that Joe Biden was at meetings and on phone calls when those business leaders were in discussions with Hunter Biden.

There's an FBI document suggesting Ukrainians paid $5 million bribes to Joe and Hunter each, and Joe Biden himself is on video boasting that he threatened Ukraine with the loss of American financial help if it didn't fire a prosecutor looking into corruption at Burisma, an energy company paying Hunter Biden some $1 million a year to be on its board.

Nobles claimed there was a "paper trail" documenting that some of the payments to Joe Biden related to "loans," but Comer said Congress has yet to see that evidence.

"What they have shown the press is not proof of a loan," he explained.

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