WATCH: 'Why isn't Biden moving?' Joe 'appears to freeze' at Juneteenth

 June 11, 2024

This story was originally published by the WND News Center.

Joe Biden's stumbles on and off stages, and fumbles trying to get off many times have made the headlines already.

This one is new.

Fox News reports he "appears to freeze" at an event on Monday.

"Lights are on but no one's home," the Trump campaign posted online, with a video supporting the charge.

The report said Biden "appeared to freeze during a Juneteenth celebration" at the White House on Monday.

The 81-year-old, who is seeking a second term that would not conclude until he's 86, "was filmed standing still as a stone while those around him, including Vice President Kamala Harris, clapped and danced to a concert featuring gospel singer Kirk Franklin."

The video was described as showing him "staring blankly and not moving an inch for about 30 seconds."

Then Philonise Floyd, brother of murder victim George Floyd, put his arm around Biden and after Biden reaches up to his chin, they two bump fists.

"Why isn't Biden moving?" was a question from the Republican National Committee on social media.

An issue that is becoming more and more prominent in the 2024 presidential race is Biden's age and apparent infirmity. After all, a federal special counsel investigating him for criminally keeping classified documents that he was not supposed to have found did that. But then the council recommended against charging Biden because of his "diminished" capacity.

Fox reported, "Critics say Biden is declining in his old age and can't handle the responsibilities of the presidency. Last week, the Wall Street Journal published a report detailing instances in which the president has demonstrated a lack of clarity in private meetings with staff and members of Congress."

Biden's supporters said he still be president.

One of Biden's appointees said, in a statement, "Congressional Republicans, foreign leaders, and nonpartisan national-security experts have made clear in their own words that President Biden is a savvy and effective leader who has a deep record of legislative accomplishment. Now, in 2024, House Republicans are making false claims as a political tactic that flatly contradict previous statements made by themselves and their colleagues."

Fox also noted, "Biden has been prone to gaffes going back to when he was vice president, but the frequency and nature of his verbal missteps in recent years appear to be more significant."

The report noted, "In May, Biden seemed to have a break with reality when he confused the timing of the COVID pandemic by a factor of years when he said, 'And when I was vice president, things were kind of bad during the pandemic, and, what happened was Barack said to me: 'Go to Detroit — and help fix it.''"

Obama was long gone from the White House, and Biden's years as vice president were history at the time of the pandemic.

Of late, Biden has several times claimed to have visited with foreign leaders after they were dead. And in 2022 Biden called out former Rep. Jackie Walorski during a speech, "Jackie, are you here? Where’s Jackie?" Walorski had died in a car crash the previous month.

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