WATCH: 'Unprecedented raid' on 98-year-old's home, she dies next day

August 22, 2023
World Net Daily

This story was originally published by the WND News Center.

A newly released video shows police in Marion, Kansas, physically raiding the home of the 98-year-old co-owner of a local newspaper that the police chief had accused of improper behavior.

What the New York Post called the "unprecedented raid" is being blamed for the woman's cardiac arrest and death just 24 hours later.

And public sentiment has come down – hard – on the side of the woman, Joan Meyer.

The situation was that there was an ongoing feud between the Marion County Record and a local restaurant owner, Kari Newell.

The Record allegedly had been given, by a source, leaked documents that could have gotten Newell's liquor license revoked, including evidence she was convicted of drunk driving and continuing to operate a vehicle without a license.

She went to a city council meeting and claimed the newspaper illegally obtained that information – and spread the story, which it did not do.

The paper had chosen not to report the story but instead notified police that the records it had been handed came from a source that may have gotten them without authorization.

The paper had published a story on the dispute to set the record straight, and within hours, was raided.

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