WATCH: Stunning video as pro-terror protesters get spray-painted

 May 8, 2024

This story was originally published by the WND News Center.

Amid the violent takeovers of campus properties, the threats against other students and even professors, the vandalism that has been inflicted on university properties by those protesting in support of the terrorism of Hamas, one video has emerged that is triggering giggles, even laughter.

It's of pro-Hamas protesters at the Case Western Reserve Campus in Cleveland getting spray-painted.

Social media immediate applauded the results:

"This is fantastic. We need more of this!"

"Painters Lives Matter!"

"Great protest guys … you're covered in paint and the crew was inconvenienced by 5 minutes. Is Palestine free from the river to the sea now?"

"I'm pretty sure he told them to move. If you're told to move and you refuse, you're at fault. Granted, I would have probably just told the university to arrest them and remove them. They need to be suspended or even expelled."

"Give the contractor a bonus."

"I can't say I feel bad for them. I'd like to buy the contractor a beer though."

And, "Pity the contractor didn't do sandblasting."

Twitchy's commentary said, "There is nothing good about the pro-Hamas protests going on at college campuses. They range from foolish and stupid to hateful and vile, and usually involve some combination thereof. But even as we have to endure overprivileged students and professional outside agitators continue to try to destroy the American education institution, we've also been able to enjoy many of the responses to them."

It noted the Jewish UPenn student "who bravely and calmly refused to let protesters who were threatening him with violence deter him from walking on his own campus."

And those "UNC 'frat boys' who stood against a mob trying to remove an American flag and raise a Palestinian flag in its place."

Then, it said, there's "poetic justice."

The pro-Hamas protesters at Case Western had defaced a campus wall, and a contractor was summoned to repair the damage.

"When the protesters tried to stand in front of the contractors to prevent them from doing the job they were hired to do, their response was perfection."

It said, "We knew heroes didn't all wear capes. We weren't aware that some carried spray guns. … Whoever makes this paint or primer should add that feature to the can. 'Covers stains, fading, water damage, and whiny dweebs in a single coat.'"

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