WATCH: Students Act Out Lesbian 'Wedding' in Class

April 17, 2023
World Net Daily

This story was originally published by the WND News Center.

A video taken by an eighth-grade student shows a fake lesbian "wedding" between two female students taking place in a classroom, with the participation of teachers, at Brunswick Middle School, near Cleveland, Ohio.

One of the teachers who participated in the ceremony reportedly is the mother of one of the girls, also eighth-graders, according to Adam Ziegler, a concerned parent who acquired the 40-second video footage from another parent with a student in the class.

The lesbian-identified girls sealed their fake "marriage" with ring pops, Ziegler told WND. He led the way in alerting other parents and the community to the scandal.

The video surfaced as a tip given to Protect Ohio Children, a statewide pro-family coalition that fights leftist social agendas in Ohio schools. Brunswick, in Medina County, is 20 miles southwest of Cleveland. The group received the student video on April 10 and published it on April 14 (see video).

Here is the video description by Protect Ohio Children:

"This recording was taken by an eighth-grade student at Brunswick Middle School, in which a mock lesbian wedding was acted out in the eighth grade Pride time on March 22, 2023. Pride time is done on Fridays and is used for the SEL lessons and teaching (SEL = Social Emotional Learning).

"During this Pride time event, the mother of an eighth-grade female student who identifies as a lesbian, walked her daughter, whom I shall call "Bride 1", to be given away in marriage to Bride #2. In the video, Bride #1 is holding a bouquet and is wearing an all-white outfit, reminiscent of a tennis outfit. Just before Bride #1 being "walked down the aisle," a male teacher is strewing rose petals along the path. The mother of Bride #1 is a school employee at the middle school. In addition to the male teacher, there were another three or four teachers in this classroom. There will be a school board meeting on Tuesday, April 18th, in the theater of the high school."

In the video, the classic wedding song, "Here Comes the Bride" (Bridal Chorus, by Wagner) can be heard playing faintly in the background, perhaps played on a student's phone, as the girl in white is led, allegedly by her mother, to her faux lesbian "wife."

The Brunswick Middle School female teacher who "gave away" and escorted the female student at the mock homosexual "wedding" ceremony in the video is alleged to be Cheryl Porter, an eighth-grade science teacher, said Ziegler. He and a few other concerned parents were informed about the event by students in the classroom.

The man in the video who tosses petals on the floor, like a flower girl at a real wedding, is alleged to be Chad Thompson, an eighth-grade math teacher at Brunswick Middle, according to Ziegler and his parental allies, again relying on students who were in the classroom.

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