WATCH: Steve Bannon goes fiery, explains how 'we know Trump won'

 February 26, 2024

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Steve Bannon took the opportunity of a speech over the weekend at the Conservative Political Action Conference to go fiery, charging that the media really knows Joe Biden is an illegitimate president.

Bannon, a former media executive and political strategist who was an adviser to President Donald Trump for the first months of his time in office, said Trump is now a "political dissident."

"And why is he a dissident? You know why, because he gave us three years of peace and prosperity before he was hit with a Chinese bioweapon, and they stole the 2020 election. Media, I want you to suck on this, I want the White House to suck on this. You lost in 2020. Donald Trump is the legitimate president of the United States. Trump won. Trump won. Trump won. Trump won. Trump won. Trump won."

He said, "You know how we know categorically that Trump won now? Because the New York Times and MSNBC and the Washington Post, understand we're about to out them, right? We're going to adjudicate this after victory. If Biden actually won, he would be a revered hero to them. If Kamala Harris had really been the wingman, she'd be a revered hero. The New York Times is throwing Biden under the bus every day, and backing him up over him. That shows you, they know he's an illegitimate regime head. He's a usurper in 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue," he said.

"To every working-class Democrat and populist in the Democratic Party. When we get to the White House and go through and adjudicate the fact that 2020 was stolen and this illegitimate regime, what they've done to destroy this country. Nobody who loved this country would do what he's doing to the country. Would they? Think about it for a second. What if our framers came back here, came back today, and saw 10 million illegal alien invaders that they have gamed the system to bring here?"

Bannon has been a Navy officer and a media mogul. He was CEO of Trump's 2016 campaign which was buffeted by lies made up by Democrat personalities and the Deep State in Washington that there was collusion between the campaign and Russia, claims that have long since been disproven.

He's fought the establish in Washington for years, coming up with convictions of contempt for refusing to cooperate with Democrats' agenda attacking Trump.

He spoke over the weekend at CPA, and Real Clear Politics posted his comments.

"Onward to victory! Is there anything going to stop us from winning on 5 November of 2024? I can't hear you. Is anything gonna stop us?"

He said what Democrats under Joe Biden have done to America "is unforgivable and we will not forget it and we will never forgive it until justice is done."

He praised Trump, the likely GOP nominee.

"President Donald J. Trump is the greatest president of the 20th and 21st century. Think about it for a second when they stole the election and he went back to Mar-a-Lago, he could have played the game, he could have been part of the system. He could have gotten a big book deal and had the memorial films made about him and, you know, built more golf courses, and had a life of leisure as a billionaire should have and deserves with his beautiful family.

"What did he do? He came back to lead his country and say, I'm not going to let him steal this election and I'm not going to ever let them destroy the United States of America. Like the great Roman General Cincinnatus, he has returned from the plow to save his country. Only two other men in the history of this republic, General Washington in the Revolution and the foundation, and Abraham Lincoln in the Civil War, had the personal fate and destiny of an individual be inextricably linked to the fate and destiny of this republic. Donald John Trump is the third person."

commentary at The Gateway Pundit explained, "The War Room’s Steve Bannon lit up CPAC 2024 on Saturday. The former Chief Strategist for President Trump warned the far left legacy media that they are about to be outed."

Actually, regarding the 2020 election, we now know that Mark Zuckerberg handed out $400 million plus to elections officials who often used that money to recruit Democrat voters. Never before in American elections had such an amount been put into the political fight, and this money was all outside of the normal election funding processes.

Further the FBI interfered when it decided to warn media corporations to suppress accurate and very damaging information contained in Hunter Biden's abandoned laptop about the family's overseas business dealings, an apparent influence peddling operation and tens of millions of dollars it brought it.

After the election, a polling showed that that suppression of information voters deserved to know likely handed the victory to Biden.

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