WATCH: 'SNL' legend totally shreds Biden flip-flopping on border crisis

 March 10, 2024

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Dana Carvey, the "Saturday Night Live" legend most famous for his "Church Lady" skits and impressions of former President George H.W. Bush in the 1980s and '90s, is now getting rave reviews for his impersonation of Joe Biden's numerous stances on the border crisis.

Carvey was discussing the issue with fellow "SNL" veteran David Spade during a Superfly podcast this week, and the video is going viral.

Carvey told Spade how Biden initially denied any border crisis and then changed his tune once the public erupted with backlash.

"I started with Biden, 'cause the border is all the rage now, everyone’s crazy for the border. So I did Biden three years ago, he's at a press conference, you know," Carvey began.

Carvey then went into his impression of Biden saying:

"First of all, let's get our facts straight. There's no crisis at the border. C'mon."

"And [the press goes], 'How do you know, sir?'" he continues.

He then holds up a sheet of paper.

"'Cause it says so on the piece of paper! Says it on the paper right there."

"And then recently everyone wants to close the border. Everyone's screaming and Biden's up there, 'I'll close the border harder than anyone's ever closed the border! Cause I know how to close the border. C'mon Jack!'

"But last time ... Get your facts straight! I'll beat the hell outta ya."

"Whattaya dog-pace pony shoulder? C'mon! Let's do some push-ups! I'll close the border like nobody's ever closed the border – the border patrol – the border – can't believe it's not butter!"

Between X and YouTube, the video has close to 100,000 views, with comments including:

"Spot on!"


"Not quite bumbling enough."


"Duuuude...listening to this for the umpteenth time - my sides are killing me from laughing so hard -
Maybe Dana should have done the SOTU; would've been a helluva lot more fun!"

"Thanks, Dana and David for the giggles! Next do a skit that starts with a bike ride and a fall, show him walking in the sand at the beach, while eating an ice cream cone and mumbling Bidoisms along the way to the shore. Perhaps a wave might knock him down? Perfect day!"

"I hope Dana knows how well-loved he is. Absolute class."

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