WATCH: Satire video jabs Biden for many blunders in one speech

 May 22, 2024

This story was originally published by the WND News Center.

Joe Biden recently expanded his long list of verbal gaffes and blunders by citing the "erectionists," or "irrectionists" if you tolerate alternate spellings, who support President Donald Trump.

Actually, during that recent speech, he made nine flubs and blunders.

The White House staff, of course, protects him by correcting what he says when the official transcript of his comments is released.

Now there's a satire video, posted on Rumble, that purports to reveal the frustrations of "Joe's Comms Team."

Among the fixes was that Biden was happy to receive an "award," not an "organization" as he said.

And he wasn't really meaning to crack down on landlords "who keep rent down."

And his speech was to address bloodbath, not bloodshed.

And he was supposed to boast of saving families $800. Actually, he claimed it was $800,000.

And multiple others.

Prominent was his claim to condemn "erectionists," almost as good as when he wondered aloud how long it would take for voters to figure out they couldn't trust him.

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