WATCH: Satan worshiper delivers invocation at city council

May 17, 2023
World Net Daily

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An acolyte of Satan has delivered the "invocation" at the beginning of a city-council meeting in San Marcos, Texas, demanding freedom from "arcane doctrines" and proclaiming "Hail Satan."

Lanzifer Eligos Longinus, who describes himself as a satanist, was allowed to deliver his thought to the San Marcos council, in Hays County, according to Citizens Defending Freedom, a grassroots organization.

He's a participant in the Austin Satanic Temple.

He urged people to "stand now unfettered by arcane doctrines" and told them to "embrace Luciferian impulse" and eat "of the tree of knowledge."

He condemned fealty "to arbitrary social norms," and pledged "Hail Satan."

Commentator Todd Starnes explained Tristen Cleve, of Citizens Defending Freedom, explained, "We do not plan to protest the satanic invocation itself. Just like all Americans, Satanists have a right to speak and worship as they choose, though we certainly disagree with them."

Cleve added, "However, as a group that harbors traditional morals and Christian values, we will be there to pray that God’s presence is present and that we are asking for healing for this town and that God’s spirit be with the council members. And with the Satanists that are here to pray to their deity that they find God. The future of our community and of our nation depends on it."

Cleve explained that the council offered multiple church leaders the opportunity to provide the invocation, and no one volunteered.

"This should serve as a wakeup call to all Christians and anyone who holds traditional morals and values," Cleve told Starnes. "It is up to us to be stewards of our faith in our communities. If we do not actively engage in our communities and with our council members then others will, and we will continue to see outcomes like the one we’re going to see tonight."

The San Antonio Express-News reported close to 100 people gathered outside the city hall to express concerns and objections. But most did not attend the meeting itself. claimed members of Satanic temples don't worship Satan, but instead pursue seven rules about compassion, freedom, and such.

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