WATCH: Obama's mystery meeting at British PM home sparks theories

 March 18, 2024

This story was originally published by the WND News Center.

Former U.S. President Barack Obama was caught on camera Monday entering and exiting 10 Downing Street in London, the home of British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak, sparking questions and theories about the reason for his unannounced visit.

"Why is Obama having private meetings with world leaders?" asked American political activist Laura Loomer.

Loomer later added: "Glad it has now been confirmed that Obama is running the country. Guess Biden was too sick today to make the trip to the UK. His body is shutting down. It's only a matter of time now."

Reactions to the video include:

"He no longer trusts Joe Biden ... He is handling it himself."

"Because Obama has never stopped being POTUS. We know he's pulling the strings with Biden."

"He has been betraying America like this since Trump was first inaugurated. We should look upon foreign leaders who took these secret meetings with him as enemies."

"Lol, you have to ask? The real question is, why are they letting us know it's happening?"

"Well, if he's attempting to conduct foreign policy on his own, that would violate the Logan Act, which Mike Flynn was unfairly prosecuted for. Presumably, he's not doing that. Which means he's speaking for the government. Then you have to ask, why doesn't President Biden trust our ambassador to Great Britain to do their job properly? Bottom line, something is screwy somewhere."

"They have to discuss his 4th term."

"Yes, I love how people act like this is normal. It's not."

"Needs to pick up a certified copy of his forged birth certificate from MI6."

Sky News in Britain reports:

Our political correspondent Tamara Cohen says the meeting was a "courtesy visit" while Mr Obama is in London for meetings to do with his foundation.

Mr Obama and Rishi Sunak have never met before as the former president left office in 2017.

As it was a private meeting, Tamara says we will not be given a full readout of everything they discussed.

Likely topics, however, include the conflicts in Ukraine and the Middle East.

"Whether it touches on UK or US politics, we may not find out," Tamara says.

She adds that it "took us all by surprise to see him walking up the street" when Mr Obama arrived this afternoon.

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