WATCH: Male 'trans girl' assaults real girls in middle school

September 29, 2023
World Net Daily

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A viral video on X reportedly shows a (biological) male "trans girl" sneaking up on and then assaulting an actual girl in the hallway of an Oregon Middle School. It is the third girl that the gender-confused boy has assaulted, according to a parent of a child who attends the school.

The school is Hazlebrook Middle School in Tualatin, Oregon, outside Portland. Here is how the parent, Ben Edtl, founder of a conservative group called Free Oregon, describes the vicious attack in a Thursday X post: "Our girls are at risk in Oregon Schools. This attack happened at Hazlebrook Middle School in the Tigard Tualatin School District in Oregon. What you're seeing is a large boy, who identifies as a girl ambushes a smaller girl from behind. Both of these children are the victims of the adults who run this school district. So far, neither the district or the school has given parents any answers. This is #oregon."

The video shows the boy (dressed in girl's attire) rushing up on a girl from behind, throwing her onto the floor, then grabbing her up by the hair as he beats her. He calls her a "[bleep]" and she answers: "I didn't do anything!"

Edtl sent out a follow-up post: "This is the third girl he assaulted at Hazelbrook. I have been given video of the two prior assaults. The school rewards kids for declaring false gender and supports their [egregious] behavior with "Restorative Justice" - the principal, Dr. Susan Rieke Smith should be terminated immediately."

An X post by Tualatin Police Wednesday afternoon stated: "We are aware of this incident and it is being investigated, however, because it involves juveniles, we are unable to comment further."

Just before press time, Edtl published a scathing message by the girl victim's mother, alongside a statement by the local school district that Edtl described as follows: "This is totally insane. [Tigard-Tualatin School District] is DEFENDING the attacker! UNBELIEVABLE!" The school board's statement pledged to hold "those who commit acts of violence accountable" but criticized the sharing of the videos, while it reaffirmed its commitment to "inclusivity, diversity and respect."

Mom: Boy is 'clearly targeting females'
In contrast, the mother's statement, shared by Edtl, encourages the sharing of the "horrific video." She states: "Yesterday my daughter was attacked at school by a biological male student dressed as a girl. I cannot even put into words my anger at the situation after watching his horrific video nor my distraught [sic] knowing I can't do anything because I will ultimately, end up in jail.

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