WATCH: Longtime Trump hater George Conway sputters in anger

 May 31, 2024

This story was originally published by the WND News Center.

Longtime Trump-hater George Conway on Friday delivered a mostly average performance among all those aligning with the Democrat agenda who were reacting to President Donald Trump's conviction on records-keeping violations, sputtering with rage when someone else expressed an opinion differing from his own.

Trump's lawyers have promised an appeal and Trump himself has confirmed that the final decision will be delivered in November by voters, who in polls right now are putting him ahead of Joe Biden.

Republican strategist Scott Jennings triggered Conway, in the video posted by the Daily Caller, by explaining that the lawfare campaign assembled by Joe Biden and other Democrats, including Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg and Judge Juan Merchan, who violated ethics rules by donating to a political party, likely will backfire on Democrats.

That's already happening, as one instant poll found support for Trump rising 6% after the conviction.

Jennings, during a network interview, explained, "I’ll tell you the mood in the party, if you’re looking for a generalized attitude is, reminds me a little bit about the Kavanaugh period. You go back to the Brett Kavanaugh hearings, 2018. I remember that period being the MAGA people were mad, the non-MAGA, the anti-Trump, the pro-Trump, every wing of the party was vibratingly angry about what was being done to Kavanaugh. I feel and sense that the same thing is happening today, which is why I think you’re probably going to see this backfire politically on the Democrats and they’re going to regret it."

It was too much Conway to tolerate.

He insisted, "Look, I mean, Scott's lying and that's the problem with the Republican Party. It is continually addicted to lying."

When Jennings asked Conway to point at the "lie," Conway lost his cool.

"You’re lying, you’re lying, Scott. You’re lying about the law, you’re lying about what the jury was charged to find. They don’t have to find it on the underlying crime, they had to find the intent to cover up an underlying crime and the underlying crime was pretty obvious."

Then he attacked Jennings personally, charging that the network should not allow him to comment.

"That's the problem with the Republican Party, is that they are suffused with lies. I don't know why this network is paying Scott to say those lies," he charged.

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