WATCH: Library staff defends having obscene books for kids

This story was originally published by the WND News Center.

Officials at a public library in Wyoming, which has been under fire for having obscene books on its shelves available to children, are now claiming that removing the worst of the worst of the offending materials somehow would violate the First Amendment.

The report comes from Mass Resistance, which has worked with local residents to protest the offensive materials.

Mass Resistance said the commissioners in Campbell County had called a special meeting over the dispute, following multiple protests from residents.

The report said parents who have objected to graphic sexual and homosexual materials now “realize that the library staff defends all its actions – and won’t back down an inch. The staff sees no problem with horribly obscene material in the hands of children and refuses to make any ‘judgments’ about it.”

MassResistance has for a year or more been working with parents there to try to restrict the most offensive materials now available to children.

The library board and commission previously were dominated by leftists and liberals, but now the county board has a conservative majority.

Its members appointed a conservative library board.

That board right away cut ties “with the far-left American Library Association.”

“As we’ve reported, the ALA trains library staff to collude with LGBT groups to suppress parents. The library staff was angry over losing this ALA ‘training’ which they claim is necessary for ‘professional development,'” the report said.

The meeting, which was intended to reach a resolution on the differences of opinion, made no progress, the report said, as “The library staffers refused to budge. They fought back with a barrage of the ALA’s aggressive and well-crafted talking points. And they defended the pornography in a most despicable manner.”

The report explained Library Director Terri Lesley accused parents of a plan “to come after the library” and warned that a lawsuit would result, a case the county couldn’t win.

However, MassResistance reported, “In fact, the ALA and ACLU lawyers almost never win these cases because they clearly aren’t First Amendment violations.”

The report said comments from Darcy Acord, the “children’s and teens librarian,” “were even more disturbing.”

She warned that librarians do not look at whether a book is appropriate for a child, but, in fact, oppose ways to impose any “values.”

She responded a book with artwork of homosexual sex and descriptions of a sex act involving a 14-year-old boy and a 47-year-old man is in the library because “it passed the ‘objective parameters’ the library has.”

She claimed to define “obscene” is done by “data points.”

“‘It’s an individual’s or family’s right to read those books.’ (In other words, child-obscenity laws are a violation of children’s rights to read pornography.) She said that even though the books are available for children in the library, ‘nobody is forcing kids to read these books,'” the report said.

The board chairman concluded that a new collections policy is needed for the library.

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