Watch leftists give lesson on how to stage an insurrection

May 3, 2023
World Net Daily

This story was originally published by the WND News Center.

Radical leftists have given a lesson on how to stage an insurrection by storming the Texas Capitol and shutting down democracy Tuesday.

The Gateway Pundit reported the attack developed when lawmakers were trying to discuss, and vote on, a plan to ban sex surgeries for children.

Those are a key part of the transgender ideology and include various bodily mutilations on children.

"They probably ended up regretting their decision because if there is one law enforcement agency in America that does not screw around, it is the Texas state police," the Gateway Pundit report explained.

It was confirmed that House Speaker Dave Phelan ordered state police to clear the House Chamber Gallery as the bill came to the floor. Once the gallery was cleared, the vote then was delayed.

"At the same time police were trying to clear the gallery, some insurrectionists unrolled banners in support of child mutilation. They also were reportedly chanting 'trans rights are human rights' and singing 'we are fighting for our rights, and we shall not be moved," the report said.

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