WATCH: Joe Biden turns back on Wounded Warriors, Jill swings him around

 April 29, 2024

This story was originally published by the WND News Center.

Joe Biden's declining cognizance level long has been documented in the media. Multiple times he's simply wandered around on stage trying to find a way off. He's even done that while others are speaking. Then there was the time he wandered off across the White House lawn instead of going to the entrance, making Secret Service officers scramble.

And a special counsel recommended against charging him over government documents he concealed in his garage because of his "diminished" capabilities.

But he's now reached a new level: Turning his back on an audience of Wounded Warriors to thank them for their service.

Actually, Jill Biden mostly saved the day, approaching him while he was talking and physically turning him around.

See it:

He "had his back to them (the wounded warriors) for his entire speech until Jill Biden turned him around," the report said.

It explained, "The confused president walked to the opposite side of the stage from the veterans, kept his back to them, and declared that they are the 'spine of America.'"

He said, "That’s not an exaggeration. I really mean it. You’re the backbone. You’re the spine. You’re the reason we are the nation we are. You’re the best America has to offer. God love you all."

Social media comments that followed the video online include accusations of "elder abuse" by Jill Biden, and, of Joe Biden, "I wonder who he was speaking to."

And, "That's sad."

Further, Biden was blasted for once again talking about his son, Beau.

"'Like our son who died'? Stop Joe. Stop. He came back after a truncated tour in safe spaces and died of brain cancer years later. Stop. He was never a wounded warrior."

And, "He is suffering from vision loss on top of everything else!

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