WATCH: Jill Biden on duty to guide Joe away from reporters

Joe Biden’s known episodes of “senior moments” are becoming legend, but now Jill Biden, first lady, has come to his rescue during a recently encounter.

While he was talking to reporters, she came up behind him, gently took him by the shoulders, and pulled him back – away from the questioners.

Biden has been known to wander across the White House lawn instead of going into the building, reaching out repeatedly to shake hands – when no one is there, wander around the stage while others are speaking and more.

The Liberty Beacon took it on itself to comment of Biden’s latest moment.

“As a confused looking Joe Biden spoke with reporters at the airport Sunday, Jill Biden, looking more like his carer than his wife, physically backed him away. The guy had had COVID more times than Tom Brady has won the Super Bowl, so what is she doing? And what’s with the hand? It appears to be stuck in a ‘shake my hand’ position.”

The publication commented: “It’s quite clear there’s something wrong with Joe.”

And to emphasize the point, it added, “Things can only get expodentially worse,” making light of Biden’s repeated use of “expodentially” in place of the real word, “exponentially.”

The Gateway Pundit took up the criticism of Biden.

“This is why we must fix our election fraud in America. In a scene straight out of a nursing home for dementia patients, Jill Biden came over to the rescue again. She drags Joe Biden by the shoulders backwards away from reporters.”

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