WATCH: James Woods makes unnerving prediction about Hawaiian fire aftermath

August 27, 2023
World Net Daily

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Hollywood actor James Woods is joining the chorus of Americans outraged about this month's wildfires on the Hawaiian island of Maui.

"Someday after all the land is appropriated, Hollywood will make a movie about this," Woods said Sunday, as he shared a video featuring survivor accounts in the wake of the blazing catastrophe.

"Rich people in tuxedoes will celebrate their compassion and give each other little gold statues. And then everything will be forgotten," Woods predicted.

The original compilation video Woods shared was posted by Dr. Anastasia Maria Loupis, who captioned the clips as "Eyewitness Accounts of Police Blocking the Escape Road out of Town."

She wondered aloud: "Why did the police turn off the sirens and block the escape road?"

The voice of a Maui native on the video says: "There was a police barricade blocking the street solo people couldn't get out. But the people trying to escape in those that you see burnt, they were blockaded in there.'

"The water was shut off. Firefighters couldn't fight this. Local people couldn't save their own homes.

"School was canceled that day. You had children ... babies and elderly trapped in the homes."

"Make sure the world knows what is happening, what is really going on because I can promise you guys this. And, of course, I have to say allegedly so I don't get in trouble. You guys are not seeing the same news and social-media posts as to what's actually going on there.

"I can tell you that the one that's coming from the media allegedly ... are absolutely trash. It is not true and they're painting a different picture and they're trying to create division. ... They're following orders."

"When it comes time to rebuild, they're going to price the sh** out of everything. They are going to raise the prices and make it darn near impossible for people to rebuild. Realtors are gonna be out there trying to buy up the land and sell it to corporations or the tourist industry or '1 percenters' that are trying to go over here and buy up the land and all this dies down and it's quiet. They're going to steal their land. They're going to have no others choice but to sell."

The native Hawaiian also pushed back against suggestions the government would engage in a land grab of the coveted properties.

"You don't get to say what happens to that ground."

Another video posted by Paul Gleason responding to James Woods voiced some strange facts and anomalies about the blazes.

"There were no emergency sirens activated to warn residents despite the presence of these sirens on the island. It's baffling, isn't it?" said the narrator.

"Another thing to note is that school was canceled on that day, meaning that all the kids were at home. Imagine the panic and confusion tat must have ensued. But here's where it gets even more alarming.

"When residents tried to fight the flames approaching their homes using hoses, they were greeted with a shocking revelation. The water had been shut off. Can you imagine the desperation and frustration they must have felt? Both residents and firefighters were left without this crucial resource.

"And, as if that wasn't enough, the situation at Front Street in Lahaina added an extra layer of disbelief. Residents attempting to evacuate were met with a police barricade, preventing them from moving even as the flames closed in. It's mind-boggling to think that orders were given to keep those cars stationary despite the imminent danger.

"Now brace yourself for some strange anomalies. The temperature of the flames was intense enough to burn tires in aluminum on vehicles. Weirder still, some blue umbrellas were left unscathed while trees stood strong amidst the devastation. But perhaps the most puzzling aspect is the selective preservation of blue-colored objects near destroyed areas. It defies logic and raises even more questions about what actually happened."

Reactions to the video shared by Woods include:

"I was in Lahaina a week before the fires. The Hawaiian government caused this fire by not shutting down power lines in 85 mph winds and Biden's government did nothing to help after."

"Why the admin couldn't rally people together for this, similar to the way we rallied as a nation following 9/11 is beyond me."

"On 9/11 people were told to go back up to their offices. In Maui, they were barricaded in. The people that survive are the ones that defy authority."

"It's an apocalypse. Your words are true. It breaks my heart."

"What I don't understand is, how with over likely 1,000 dead Americans ... this isn't being seen as on the same level as Sept 11. It's bizarre how the News isn't reporting on this."

"Because they know their green agenda caused it.


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