WATCH: Hot new Trump campaign ad says 'Joe Biden is giving you the finger'

 February 6, 2024

This story was originally published by the WND News Center.

One of the biggest failures by Joe Biden, or successes if you're a diehard Democrat demanding to make America a one-party state, is his immigration policy and his handling of the southern border.

Now a new campaign ad from President Trump explains just how Biden is "giving you the finger" on the issue.

See it:

The ad shows news clips from various sources talking about Biden's decision, when he took office, to destroy all of President Trump's border security plans, which had been proving themselves successful.

The remain-in-Mexico policy, the wall construction, catch-and-release operations, and more. All gone.

In essence, Biden opened up wide the southern border when he took office, and since then millions of illegal aliens have come into the U.S.

For one-party rule Democrats, that's good, as they plan to make all those millions registered Democrat voters, somehow.

For the rest of the nation, including many "sanctuary" cities, it's been a complete disaster, with costs to care for the illegals reaching into the billions of dollars.

The ad features news reporters talking about a recent attack by multiple illegals on New York police officers, how they were immediately released without bail.

And how one of the suspects left the courthouse flipping all who could see his middle finger.

On both hands.

News reporters then explained how Trump's protections for America are "gone," and Biden is releasing illegals as fast as he can.

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