WATCH: Horrifying new GoPro footage shows Hamas shooting up Israeli homes

October 16, 2023
World Net Daily

This story was originally published by the WND News Center.

New GoPro camera footage reportedly shot by Hamas terrorists shooting up Israelis' homes in a kibbutz offers a horrifying glimpse into armed assaults on the isolated community settlements.

Meanwhile, weapons, maps, and material captured by Israeli Defense Forces show Hamas invaders had planned to fight deeper into Israel, for up to a month.

One recovered GoPro video shared Sunday on X by security analyst Michael Horowitz is described as follows: "Another Go-pro footage of #Hamas militants going house to house in Sufa, near #Gaza, during the October 7 attacks, shooting at civilians inside houses (a civilian can be seen in the living room, and falls after being shot)."

In the video, a Hamas invader can be heard breathing heavily and approaching a house, before he (and possibly another gunman) shoots multiple times into the home. Then deep groaning can heard coming from inside, and he moves on to another house.

Horowitz describes two other videos as follows: in the first, "a #Hamas militant fires at ambulances stationed within the border community to make sure it cannot be used."

About the second, he writes: "In this one, #Hamas militants enter a house, they hear a phone ring and try to find people inside the house. They shoot upstairs, then one of the militants shouts 'mother' trying to mimic a child, possibly to attract civilians hiding in the house."

The videos were published by Telegram by South First Responders, according to Horowitz.

Terrorist stalking Israeli homes is gunned down on camera

In another X video that has received 2.5 million views, a Hamas terrorist is shown stalking homes until he, and possibly a second invader, are gunned down. His GoPro camera points to the sky as he screams and then is heard saying his dying words. The caption for the video by an X account called "The Mossad: Satirical, Yet Awesome" is: "Watch this terrorist get his comeuppance during the massacre in Sufa."

The "Mossad: Satirical" X account is shifting to cover real war news during the present Israel crisis, stating in its bio: "For the duration of Swords of Iron to defeat Hamas terrorists, we are forgoing the satire to share real, up-to-date information. We will win."

Hamas planned a longer siege

An X post-Monday by Nadav Pollak points to a YNET news story about the materials found on Hamas terrorists by the IDF: "From documents found on #Hamas terrorists they were planning to take over towns and villages and stay there for a period of time. They brought with them supplies and medical kits including blood bags"

"With blood rations, sacks of food, and a brigade-sized arsenal of weapons, Hamas planned to reach Kiryat Gat, and fight for a month in Israel," reported YNET (relying on a Google Hebrew-to-English translation).

"Documents and maps seized from some of the 1,500 terrorists who invaded Israel reveal that the plan also included a raid on Ashkelon and Kiryat Gat," the story reports. "The huge amounts of food they brought with them make it clear that they planned a long-term occupation."

The recovered war material "testify to how presumptuous" Hamas invaders were with their plan, according to the report, which showed troves of munitions captured by Israeli Defense Forces, such as RPGs, or rocket-propelled grenade launchers.

Hamas embeds in civilian environments

With anti-Israel propaganda turning to Jerusalem's bombing of Gaza targets, an X video posted by Israel Defense Forces on Oct. 12 shows Hamas' use of civilian buildings including mosques as cover and states: "THIS is what the world needs to know about the civilians in Gaza." The video states: "Hamas deliberately embeds itself under and inside civilian homes, schools, and mosques, desecrating these spaces by turning them into legitimate military targets. Hamas mercilessly uses civilians as pawns to carry out their stated goal" of attacking "every Jew on planet Earth!" as it quotes Hamas political leader Fathi Hamad at a rally, and crowds chanting "Death to Israel!"

Leftist Westerners are still in denial

Meanwhile, Canada-based Rebel News conducted one of its patented walking interviews with Liberal MP Omar Alghabra, former transport minister under Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, who refused to answer the question: "Do you condemn the recent terrorist attacks committed by Hamas?"

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