WATCH: ‘Final revenge’ on package thieves – with GlitterBomb No. 5

This story was originally published by the WND News Center.

Jordan Boyd, in a report at The Federalist, has documented the success so far of an engineer who was fed up with package thieves, and a few years ago created the GlitterBomb.

This year, Mark Rober is delivering GlitterBomb No. 5.

Boyd explained it reportedly is Rober’s “final revenge on San Francisco’s plethora of package thieves.”

“Armed with mini autonomous glitter-carrying drones, a 360 camera, and 50 times more fart spray than in previous years, Mark Rober’s GlitterBomb 5.0 is intricately designed to teach California’s thieves a lesson about stealing from porches and parked vehicles,” she revealed.

Rober got his program started when, in 2018, thieves took a $6 package from his front door and police refused to do anything even though the theft was on video.

He took things into his own hands and decided to give criminals a taste of their own.

He decided to go “full ‘Home Alone,'” referencing the 1990 Christmas-season movie in which a young boy hilariously portrayed by Macaulay Culkin gets the better of home thieves.

“Anyone who successfully snatches the packages strategically planted by Rober and crew is suddenly and unknowingly transformed from a perpetrator into a victim. Once the thieves think they are safely back in their own homes or cars with the new treasure in tow, Rober remotely tasks the armed box with doing its worst,” the report said.

It’s a combination of glitter, which is nearly impossible to clean up, and a persistent stinky spray.

He also has developed boxes that thieves steal from his car, but have recorders hidden inside.

Boyd reported, “In a way, Rober mastered a level of deterrence and punishment that counties like San Francisco won’t get with reduced police budgets and leftist district attorneys who refuse to lock up criminals.”

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