WATCH: Closed-door video sets up bombshell hearing on Hunter

July 18, 2023
World Net Daily

This story was originally published by the WND News Center.

U.S. Rep. Kevin McCarthy, the House speaker, has delivered to House Republicans a video that provides the background for a hearing scheduled for Wednesday.

At that event, IRS whistleblower Gary Shapley and others are expected to report to the House Oversight and Accountability Committee that Joe Biden's Department of Justice interfered in their investigation of Hunter Biden and his international business schemes.

In fact, they were told not to pursue any leads that could involve Joe Biden.

Fox News reported it obtained the video that McCarthy played for Republicans showing Biden denying any "wrongdoing" related to the family's business dealings.

It sets the stage for Congress to hear testimony about how the IRS investigation was politicized in favor of the Bidens.

"This video is what the speaker is using to educate the broader House Republican conference on the status of the Biden family investigation," a source familiar with McCarthy’s effort told Fox News Digital.

Republicans in the House have been investigating the Bidens since the party took the majority in the last election.

Already, they've charged that Joe and Hunter Biden each took $5 million bribes from a Ukrainian company, and family members altogether took in tens of millions in payments for foreign interests. The House even is investigating a list of policy decisions that may have been impacted by foreign payments to the Biden family.

The Fox report noted, "Nearly all House Republicans have been united in their suspicions of wrongdoing by the president’s family members."

Hunter Biden, in fact, reached what has been described as a special deal with the U.S. attorney in Delaware last month to plead guilty to misdemeanor tax charges and one felony count related to firearms possession after a years-long probe into his foreign business dealings including in Ukraine and China.

Those would replace a long list of potential tax felonies, and on the gun charge, his participation in a diversion program would make it go away entirely.

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