WATCH: Church of England leader’s ‘jaw-dropping’ Bible blunder

This story was originally published by the WND News Center.

A new video has been released by the Christian Institute in the United Kingdom debunking a statement by church leader Justin Welby, Archbishop of Canterbury, in which he appears to agree with LGBT campaigners critical of the idea of drowning children rather than letting them be raised to be gay.

The video features the institute’s Simon Calvert and Christian author Matthew Roberts and recalls a recorded statement from Welby who agrees with LGBT activists Jayne Ozanne and Peter Tatchell.

Tatchell specifically claims that a church leader in Africa stated it would be “better to drown gay kids than to raise them.”

Welby agreed with that statement and said he, in his church authority, had rebuked several leaders of Christianity in Africa, where the faith is growing by surges, for that ideology.

However, Roberts explained that the LGBT campaigners had misquoted the African archbishop to try to advance their agenda.

“Christianity, more than anyone else on earth, values the life of children. You know, we’re the ones who know a God who became a human being, indeed who became human … who lived through all his childhood to adulthood.” Roberts said.

He noted during the rule of pagans in Rome, those of other faiths would routinely abandon newborns if they chose, to let them die, and Christians of that era would gather them up and raise them.

But Roberts explained the failure of the LGBT argument.

The Ugandan archbishop actually “warned that were some people who were trying to lead children into homosexual lifestyles, lure them in, in fact, with incentives.”

He continued, explaining then the archbishop cited “Jesus’ words from Matthew 18, which is a stern warning from Jesus to those who try to lead children, or actually not just children, his little ones, by which he means all Christians, into sin. He quoted Jesus’ warning that for those who lead his little ones into sin, it would be better to have a millstone tied around your neck and thrown into the depths of the sea.”

He said Jesus’ warning was against advocating for sinful behavior, and the LGBT campaigners “utterly misrepresented” the Christian position.

The two, Calvert and Roberts, also agreed that the entire scheme to liken the LGBT agenda to interracial couples marrying is out of line. LGBT activists have accused Christianity of bigotry by allowing interracial marriages but not same-sex marriages.

Roberts said that idea is nonsense.

“What we’ve got there is a comparison being drawn between refusing to allow people to marry and redefining what marriage actually is. Those are entirely different things.”

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