WATCH: Biden adds stunner to gaffe of the day repertoire

 May 20, 2024

This story was originally published by the WND News Center.

Joe Biden's catalog of known verbal gaffes and speech blunders goes on forever. He once told a supporter confined to a wheel chair to "stand up" and more recently openly wondered how long it would be before voters figured out they can't trust him.

And he's just added a new one – a reference to the Jan. 6, "erectionists."

Presumably he would mean "insurrectionists," a label with which Democrats have tarred those Jan. 6, 2021, protesters, some of whom rioted, who were at the Capitol that day to protest the election of Joe Biden.

One response was, "So the whole J6 was caused by Viagra?"

The 2020 election, of course, was subjected to the undue influence of $400 million plus handed out to elections officials by Mark Zuckerberg. They mostly used it to recruit voters in Democrat districts.

Further, the FBI engaged in election interference by falsely telling media corporations that the accurate reporting about Biden family scandals, derived from information in Hunter Biden's abandoned laptop, was disinformation.

One response simply was, "Trump Derangement Syndrome is a disease," and explained, "It's a condition where objective thinking and rational judgment are entirely consumed by extreme hatred. Logic and reason are compromised by a false data set of bias and propaganda."

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