WATCH: Biden ad claims his economy wildly successful, but voters don't buy it

September 5, 2023
World Net Daily

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If a listener would believe all that's said in a new pro-Joe Biden campaign ad, America's economy is looking rosy, and all of the credit is due to Biden.

The new campaign ad boasts of him fixing supply chains, addressing corporate "greed," and lowering the cost of medicine and utilities.

Inflation, after all, is only "3%," it claims.

report at Sports Business Journal explains the ad "highlights" Biden's "economic achievements."

"The ad will run during the NFL season opener Thursday across local broadcast networks in Michigan, the home state of the Lions, 'as well as in battleground states such as Georgia, Arizona, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Nevada, and Iowa," the report explained.

Voters, however, aren't buying what the campaign is selling.

column by Paul Bedard at the Washington Examiner confirmed a survey has revealed that the ad is promoting a message that Americans already have rejected.

In fact, the Rasmussen Reports survey given to Washington Secrets revealed that 52% of respondents say the economy is getting "worse" under Biden. Not even one in three claims it is better.

"And when asked who to blame for the 'current problems in the economy,' most — 42% — blame Biden, with Republicans in Congress a distant second at 29%," the commentary said.

In fact, while inflation may be down to the 3% or 4% range now, that's all on top of the 9.1% inflation that the nation suffered through a year ago. Gasoline prices are in the $4 to $5 range, or even higher when it was in the mid-$2 range when Biden took office.

Various assessments have determined that American families are having to pay many thousands of dollars a year more now for exactly the same lifestyle they had before Biden took office and disrupted the nation's energy industry by canceling drilling projects and pipelines.

As a result, America, which had become energy independent under President Donald Trump, backtracked and became dependent on sometimes-unfriendly energy producers again.

Bedard reported even among Democrats, only 51% saw an improved economy. For Republicans, 79% said it is failed.

The column reported, "The ad claims that Biden saved the economy, lowered costs, and brought back well-paying jobs, claims polls show the public doesn’t believe."

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