WATCH: As Trump praises U.S. troops, Biden asks 6-year-old girl if she's 17!

November 20, 2023
World Net Daily

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President Donald Trump over the weekend expressed his high regard for American law enforcement and troops who are stationed at the southern border during the Thanksgiving holiday by serving them dinner at a Texas event and thanking them for their service.

Joe Biden, appearing for a similar event at Naval Station Norfolk, expressed his fondness for a little girl's ears, and asked her if she was 17. She is 6 years old.

The contrast between the former occupant of the White House, one so feared by Democrats that they have gone to court in multiple states trying to prevent him even from running in 2024, and the current resident of 1600 Pennsylvania, was stark.

Trump joined Texas Gov. Greg Abbott to serve food to members of the National Guard and others stationed at the border for the holiday.

And he delivered comments to supporters at a rally.

"It was my Great Honor to serve Thanksgiving meals to law enforcement and troops who will be stationed at the Southern Border during the Thanksgiving holiday this week," Trump wrote on social media.

He shared a clip showing him serving soldiers from the Texas National Guard and the Texas Department of Public Safety.

Troopers lined up not only for food, but for photographs with Trump, who posed, shook hands and slapped soldiers on their shoulders.

"On behalf of all Americans, THANK YOU for you service and dedication," he said.

He also noted the food looked good, but supply ran out before he had any.

He noted, "The food looked very good. I wanted to have some, but they didn't have any for me. They had none left …. That's my kind of food too."

At the same event, Abbott said, "We need a president who is going to secure the border. We need a president who is going to restore law and ordered in the United States of America, not letting these criminals run ransack over the stores that you see images of almost nightly."

In fact, Trump established a series of security measures, such as the Remain in Mexico policy and the construction of a border wall, that effectively reduced the number of illegal aliens entering the U.S. without authorization significantly.

Biden, when he took office, immediately trashed virtually all of Trump's security measures, and the result has been that millions of illegal aliens have entered the United States on his watch, including long lists of suspects on the terror watch list.

Biden used his appearance to repeat a claim of his Naval appointment.

And he addressed a six-year-old girl, telling her, "And I love your ears. I love ‘em, they’re really cool."

He walked over to crouch down near the girl, and said, "How old are you? 17?"

Biden, during his political career, has established a pattern of approaching little girls, sometimes to sniff their hair or make personal remarks.

His relation of his "Naval appointment," earned a "slam" from the media.

"By the way, I’m all Navy. But I was appointed… I was gonna go play [football] at the Naval Academy until I found out the other guys in the backfield were a guy named Roger Staubach and Joe Bellino," he said.

A Fox News report said, "In June, Biden told Air Force graduates he applied to the Naval Academy after graduating high school, which was in 1961. Last year, the president told Naval Academy graduates he was 'appointed to the [Naval] Academy in 1965.' A Republican-linked X account 'RNC Research' asserted that there is no record of either of those things ever happening."


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