WATCH Antifa 'cavalierly' resort to violence to silence others

May 1, 2023
World Net Daily

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In what has been described by constitutional expert Jonathan Turley in an online column as an "all-too-familiar scene," a video has emerged showing members of the radical – and violent – leftist organization Antifa attacking those with whom it disagrees, this time in Fort Worth, Texas.

The video of April 23, 2023, incident (Be aware of offensive images and situations):

Turley explained there were some members of "Protect Texas Kids" objecting to a "planned drag show that would reportedly involve children.

Antifa, of course, is intolerant of any such views.

This incident, he said, "was caught on videotape and shows how Antifa routinely, even cavalierly, resorts to violence to silence those with opposing views. Any doubt as to their association from their signature black outfits and tactics was dispensed by this picture clearly showing the Antifa flag."

He said the video reveals the "Protect Texas Kids" members across the street "when Antifa arrives in their typical black clothing, helmets, and tactical vests. Some of the Antifa members were also carrying handguns and long guns."

One man, later identified as Samuel Fowlkes, 20, approached and sprayed the protesters with mace.

"In another signature move, Fowlkes then tries to flee after refusing to stop as other Antifa members obstruct police officers including Christopher Guillott, 33, who is seen swinging an umbrella at officers," Turley said.

He continued, "It is an all-too-familiar scene for those of us who have followed Antifa for years on our campuses or in political riots. … As I have written, it has long been the 'Keyser Söze' of the anti-free speech movement, a loosely aligned group that employs measures to avoid easy detection or association. Yet, FBI Director Chris Wray has repeatedly pushed back on the denials of Antifa’s work or violence. In one hearing, Wray stated 'And we have quite a number — and 'Antifa is a real thing. It’s not fiction.'"

Turley condemned the move that has developed among Democrats to deny the violence, deny even the existence of Antifa, or even support the movement.

"Some Democrats have played a dangerous game in supporting or excusing the work of Antifa. Former Democratic National Committee deputy chair Keith Ellison, now the Minnesota attorney general, once said Antifa would 'strike fear in the heart' of Trump. This was after Antifa had been involved in numerous acts of violence and its website was banned in Germany. His own son, Minneapolis City Council member Jeremiah Ellison, declared his allegiance to Antifa in the heat of the protests this summer. During a prior hearing, Democratic senators refused to clearly denounce Antifa and falsely suggested that the far right was the primary cause of recent violence. Likewise, Joe Biden has dismissed objections to Antifa as just 'an idea.'"

Turley pointed out that the leftists are at war with free speech.

Rutgers professor Mark Bray has written about the violence and said the group includes anarchists, communists, and worse.

He said the movement's belief is that " you have the right to speak but you also have the right to be shut up."

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