Watch abortion promoter realize he torpedoed his own argument!

May 5, 2023
World Net Daily

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A video has emerged of podcaster Tim Pool in conversation, about abortion, with Lance, from The Serfs, a democratic socialist YouTube channel.

And Lance abruptly realizes he just shot down his own pro-abortion argument.

In fact, he characterizes the unborn child as an unborn "child," an argument that the pro-abortion contingent in America is loathe to concede under any circumstances.

After all, if it's a child, doesn't it have rights?

The Daily Wire explains how that conversation got that that point, calling it a "mike-drop moment."

Lance said a woman should have "ultimate authority over what happens to her body."

Pool then raises the question of using meth.

"Uh … like, should she be allowed to do meth?" Lance said. "Uh, I think if someone is doing meth while they’re pregnant ... it is completely acceptable for something" like [child services agencies] to get involved.

Pool candidly shot back, "It’s her body, though." And when Lance agreed, continued, "If she wants to do meth, what’s the big deal?"

Lance explained the realities: "Uh, the big deal is that it’s – she’s intentionally trying to kill a child."

One of those pauses that occasionally happen, happened.

"Hold on there a minute,” Pool said, and Lance conceded, "Yeah, I see where you’re …"

Live Action, which advocates for the pro-life position, commented, "Well done."

And an anonymous commenter noted, "Love that there is an exact moment when you can see in his eyes that he knew he had said something both true but also devastating to his own argument."

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