Washington Post writer: Biden presidency ‘one of most successful’ in decades

The Afghanistan pullout debacle cost the lives of Americans and supporters of America, and U.S. taxpayers the tens of billions of dollars in war machinery Joe Biden left behind.

Hyper-divisiveness from the White House itself.

The Biden-created crisis on the southern border, where millions of illegals are breaching the boundary to enter the U.S.

Inflation is threateningly close to double digits.

Massive increases in energy costs, where gasoline has been seen at $6 a gallon, even though it has moderated slightly in recent weeks.

A massive expansion of the federal government – think 87,000 new IRS agents.

Biden’s mishandling of COVID-19 is highlighted by “frequent policy reversals.”

And politicizing the enforcement of federal law.

And politicizing the military.

And Joe Biden’s “outright lying,” as documented by Newsweek.

These all are components, according to the Washington Post’s Max Boot, of “one of the most successful presidencies in decades.”

According to Fox News, Boot praised the “smart” president, too, for “singling out MAGA Republicans in an effort to divide them from the rest of the GOP.”

In a Labor Day column, Boot said Biden’s victories were meant to “stimulate the economy,” build infrastructure, eliminate gun sales and advance the climate change agenda.

“He hasn’t gotten everything he wanted, but from a legislative standpoint, this is one of the most successful presidencies in decades,” Boot claimed.

Boot also discussed Biden’s recent speech at Independence Hall, during which he was presented in front of an American flag, flanked by members of the military, all bathed in blood-red light.

In the speech, Biden condemned essentially all 75 million voters who supported Trump in 2020 as irredeemable.

“Boot said the president was finally telling Democrats what they want to hear, while also voicing his own ‘rage’ and ‘despair’ at the Republican Party,” the report explained.

“What Biden is doing is smart, if difficult to pull off: He is attempting to draw a dividing line between those Republicans who threaten U.S. democracy and those who don’t,” Boot claimed.

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