Washed-up actor Ron Perlman blasts Gov. DeSantis for protecting children with new bill

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis (R), who recently took a stand against the disturbing people on the left who believe teaching young children about gay sex is somehow acceptable, triggered a number of Hollywood whackjobs after signing legislation that protects children from LGBTQ sexual brainwashing.

According to Fox News, one of those woke Hollywood weirdos was Ron Perlman, who was brutally mocked after he posted a video directed at the Florida governor in which he called DeSantis a “Nazi,” and a “piece of s**t.”

The bill, which prohibits “the instruction of sexual orientation and gender identity” in kindergarten through third-grade classrooms, has been falsely described by its critics on the left as the “Don’t Say Gay” bill, though the governor has repeatedly debunked the hoax narrative.

Perlman is apparently a huge fan of wanting to teach young children about LGBT sexual topics, as he appeared to be quite upset in his video message to the Florida governor.

“Nazi pig”

Perlman, who hasn’t been relevant on the big screen in several years, appears to be searching for a few minutes of attention. His video was especially embarrassing given that in not one section of the entire bill does it read, “Don’t say gay” or any iteration of the phrase.

Watch his video rant below. Warning: foul language. 

“Don’t say gay? Don’t say? As the first two words in a sentence spoken by a political leader of a state in the United States of America. Don’t say?” Perlman said in his video to Gov. DeSantis.

He added: “Don’t f——- say you f—— Nazi pig? Say! First Amendment. Read about it. Then run for office. You piece of s—.”

Perlman owned

The actor probably thought his edgy, anti-conservative video would score some social media street cred, but instead, Perlman was absolutely blasted for repeating what is now a totally debunked narrative. Many wondered why the actor is so mad about not being able to teach kindergartners about LGBT sex.

“Why do you want to talk about 3rd graders genitals so bad? And why are you so mad you can’t now? Investigate Ron’s laptop,” one Twitter user wrote.

It’s truly sickening to see people of Perlman’s status fight so hard to teach young children about sexual identity and other sexual-related topics, but it seems to be the hip and trendy hill on which one is supposed to die these days.

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