Elizabeth Warren already facing trouble in New Hampshire

Democrat Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren recently announced that she had formed an exploratory committee as the first step toward a 2020 presidential campaign, and promptly scheduled several small campaign events in the important early primary state of Iowa.

However, a recent report indicates that Warren has failed thus far to make any inroads in New Hampshire, the other important early primary state. It’s an oversight that could trip up her fledgling campaign before it even gets running.

The Boston Globe — a media outlet typically quite favorable toward Warren — noted on Thursday that Democrat Party activists and power players in the northeastern state were less than thrilled about Warren’s chances of obtaining the party’s nomination.

Major problems in the important state

Warren’s biggest problem in New Hampshire is that the vast majority of progressive activists and operatives are already standing in support of Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders — who won New Hampshire by 22 points over Hillary Clinton in 2016 — and still hold a grudge over the fact that Warren ultimately backed Clinton in 2016 over Sanders.

The other major problem in New Hampshire is that Warren just isn’t as exciting as she had initially been during the 2016 cycle. Since then, new faces have arisen on the left, chief among them Robert “Beto” O’Rourke, who tried and failed to knock off Republican Texas Sen. Ted Cruz in 2018.

Late start

Compounding those problems is the fact that she is only in the initial stages of cultivating support and developing relationships with the movers and shakers in the state, an integral part of the process that previous winners of the New Hampshire primary had undertaken years in advance.

Progressive power couple John and Mary Rauh of New Castle both said they agreed with Warren on many things, but wouldn’t be supporting her in the primary. “I do not think she will get much traction here in New Hampshire,” said John Ruah. “I agree with almost all of her policies. She is just not relating well to people other than those who just deeply agree with her.”

Progressive activist and former state representative Eileen Ehlers said, “I’d say 98 percent of my Sanders friends are decidedly not supportive of Warren.” Ehlers added, “One frequent comment is that although her policy stances are close to Bernie’s, she did not endorse him and took a politically calculated safe route to back (Hillary) Clinton. People have not forgotten nor forgiven that.”

A rocky rollout

Left unsaid by The Globe, but duly noted by Breitbart, is the fact that Warren’s long-anticipated rollout of an inevitable presidential campaign has already hit a few stumbling blocks before even clearing the starting gates.

Recall Warren’s disastrous October announcement of her DNA test, which revealed that she has the tiniest of percentages of Native American ancestry. It undermined her familial claims of Native heritage, a claim that Warren had alluded to for years and may have used to her advantage as a law school professor.

More recently, Warren attempted to emulate the rising young stars of the progressive left by posting a live video on social media during which she drank a beer. It was an attempt to be more relatable, but in actuality, just showed how out-of-touch she really is.

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Warren will undoubtedly proceed with a run for the Democratic nomination in 2020, but her chances already aren’t looking too bright in the important primary state of New Hampshire — a prospect that could spell an early end to Warren’s campaign.

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