Elizabeth Warren topples in latest national poll: Report

It appears as though presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren’s streak of good luck with American voters is just about over.

According to the most recent Emerson College/WHDH National poll, Warren has experienced an eight-point collapse in support, Breitbart reports. She now holds the hearts of just 12% of Democrat voters, placing her at a distant third in the 2020 primary race.

The poll results

Kamala Harris’ drop from the 2020 race has had a surprising impact on poll numbers.

Joe Biden has been struggling as of late, with some polls showing a three-way tie between him, Bernie Sanders, and Elizabeth Warren. This poll, however, showed a significant uptick for Biden with Harris now out of the race.

The poll placed Biden in first with 32% of the vote, Sanders solidly in second at 25%, and Warren in third.

Behind Warren were contenders like Pete Buttigieg at 8%, Andrew Yang at 6%, Tulsi Gabbard at 4%, and Michael Bloomberg at 3%. The rest of the field came in at 2% or less.

Sound familiar?

If the trend in this latest poll holds true, there are really only two candidates with a legitimate path to the nomination, and Warren is not among them.

Establishment candidate Biden appeals to the older base in the party, and Sanders takes most of the millennial vote. This trend is eerily similar to the 2016 election and doesn’t bode well for Democrat prospects, especially since Trump is enjoying a surge in support.

The endorsement from progressive favorite Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) has clearly paid off, giving Sanders a decent boost and stealing much of the millennial demographic away from Warren.

At this point, the only way Warren will be able to save her campaign is if Biden or Sanders fall out of the race, and that does not appear likely.

Even though Biden’s closet is packed with skeletons, nobody seems willing to open the door for fear of handing the election to Trump. That may be exactly what Warren needs to do, though, because once we get past the first four states, she is going to start to fall off the radar unless she shakes things up.

Warren’s strategy and Democrat squabbles likely will not matter in the end, because Donald Trump seems to be only gaining more support as the impeachment circus intensifies. A recent Gallup poll noted that since impeachment proceedings began, Trump has experienced a six-point surge in approval.

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