Liz Warren wants new laws to allow indictment of sitting presidents

For decades, the Justice Department has had an edict that no sitting president can be indicted.

Democratic presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren is promising to change that if elected president. She wants to appoint a special counsel to reverse the rule. 

Why Presidents Are Protected

One of the reasons Robert Mueller mentioned he never considered accusing Trump of a crime was that there was no way to pursue the charges. Mueller happened to forget the fact he did not have enough evidence to actually charge Trump.

Warren believes this policy is a mistake as it more or less puts the president above the law. As such, she says one of her first acts, if elected president, will be to change that mandate…

She fails to realize how damaging this could be to the country, though.

The reason the Justice Department instituted the rule is due to the turmoil the country would surely be thrown into if a sitting president was locked in a court battle defending charges.

Warren’s plan

Currently, the way Congress deals with a president accused of a crime is to impeach him. Warren is hoping to change that procedure.

She wants to put a law in place that will formally allow the Justice Department to indict a sitting president if they are accused of a crime.

Keep in mind, Warren is also continuing to push obstruction narrative even after Attorney General Barr said there was on obstruction. Her answer to that conclusion in that Barr is covering up for the President.

What she fails to realize is that in her efforts to have Trump removed, this measure, at some point, will surely come back to bite the Democrats in the ‘you know where’.

Virtually every conservative in the country would agree that if Trump broke a law, he should be punished. That, however, clearly did not happen. The case was investigated the special counsel and he came up empty-handed.

Elizabeth Warren is desperate to make waves and drum up support for her presidential run. She’s blatantly pandering to the extreme far left because she’s been found wanting by her own constituents.

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