Elizabeth Warren accepted money from teachers’ unions before reversing course on education reform: Report

There was a time when Elizabeth Warren supported private schools — but that was before she became a completely tainted politician.

Now, after accepting huge checks from teachers’ unions, she is railing against private schooling and trying to end all government support for these programs, the Washington Free Beacon reports.

Remember When…

More than a decade ago, Warren publicly proclaimed that school vouchers provided opportunities for students that would not otherwise have them.

In her 2003 book, The Two-Income Trap, Warren states: “A taxpayer-funded voucher that paid the entire cost of educating a child (not just a partial subsidy) would open a range of opportunities to all children.”

She goes on: “With fully funded vouchers, parents of all income levels could send their children – and the accompanying financial support – to the schools of their choice.

“Fully funded vouchers would relieve parents from the terrible choice of leaving their kids in lousy schools or bankrupting themselves to escape those schools,” she added.

That is a far cry from the stance Warren has taken during this campaign, and there is only one reason she has reversed course: money.

Changing Course

While Warren rails against super PACs and dark money, her campaign is littered with just that from teachers’ unions. These unions want a candidate that will fight against these vouchers for charter schools because they view them as the enemy.

The more kids in the public school system, the more powerful the union becomes. That is exactly why the education sector has paid Warren about $2.5 million since she started her political career.

Indeed, despite her book, powerful education unions are now celebrating Warren for standing up for what they deem to be the right path for our children.

The American Federation of Teachers called her education plan “bold” and a “game-changer.” The National Education Association (NEA) is also on board with Warren’s plan, standing firmly behind Warren on this issue now.

Warren would like us all to believe she is putting education and children first, but all she is doing is paying off a debt to her financiers. Warren and her husband have a net worth of about $12 million. Do you really think she got that by looking out for others, donating money, and living a socialist lifestyle she is asking Americans to buy into now?

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