Elizabeth Warren threatens Joe Biden in the polls

Former Vice President Joe Biden has been the popular pick for the 2020 Democrat nomination. He is the most experienced and recognizable face. But that may not be enough.

Biden just got the terrible news that he is losing his formerly massive lead.  As Hillary Clinton learned, the name alone won’t get you all the way.

Warren catching up

Joe Biden has been riding easy, but the recent debates have ended that. Recent polls show Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders are catching up.

With the New Hampshire primary coming up, this is big for Biden. A Politico poll showed 31% of registered Democrat primary voters have placed Warren as the best performer in the debates.

The good news for Biden is that his initial challenger, Kamala Harris, is absolutely collapsing in the polls.

After polling in double digits for several weeks, she is now back down to 8%.

Race far from over

This news has most likely struck fear into Biden’s heart. Amid criticisms of his ties to known segregationists, accusations of inappropriate touching of women and young girls, and concerns about his age, Biden has taken a significant hit since launching his campaign.

Poll results should be taken with a grain of salt. However, to stop Warren and Sanders, he must go on the offensive.

He needs to show why he is preferable to them instead of coasting on his name recognition and ties to former President Obama.

That is Biden’s biggest weakness. He hasn’t shown why he should be president for any reason other than his name.

Sanders and Warren have a lot of popular force behind them. They are exciting leftist voters, whereas Biden is far from inspiring.

Biden once said he had dirt on every candidate in the field, he may have to bust it out in order to keep his hat in the ring.

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