Sen. Warren renews push to pack Supreme Court following Breyer announcement

The recent announcement of U.S. Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer’s retirement has renewed calls on the left for partisan reform measures.

For her part, Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) is using Breyer’s exit to insist that her party should add new seats to the nation’s highest court.

“At least four more new colleagues”

Some progressives support the idea of so-called court-packing as part of an effort to erase its current conservative majority. Despite the efforts of Warren and others in her party, however, it remains highly unlikely that the idea will become a reality.

Nevertheless, the Massachusetts Democrat addressed the subject in a tweet on Wednesday, beginning by praising President Joe Biden for his vow to replace Breyer with a Black woman.

Justice Breyer has an extraordinary record of public service,” Warren wrote. “I’m very happy that President Biden will fill this seat by naming the first Black woman to the Supreme Court.”

She then reiterated her support for expanding the number of justices on the Supreme Court bench to give the incoming justice “at least four more new colleagues & rebalance this institution.”

Of course, Warren is not alone in calling for an increase in the number of justices on the court. In fact, some on the left want other federal courts to be packed as well.

“No plans to bring it to the floor”

Democrats intensified their push for court-packing after former President Donald Trump successfully nominated his third justice — Amy Coney Barrett — to the high court.

Barrett’s addition gave the court a clear conservative majority for the first time in decades.

Because of that ideological advantage, some on the right believe that Biden should simply nominate several more progressives to even things out. Warren and her ilk on Capitol Hill have failed to make any significant progress on this front, however, and the idea remains widely unpopular even in the Democratic Party.

Given the Democratic Party’s razor-thin majority in Congress, there is nothing to suggest that any court-packing scheme has enough support to advance to the president’s desk.

A group of House Democrats put forward a bill nearly a year ago that sought to increase the number of justices to 13, but House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) said at the time that she had “no plans to bring it to the floor.”

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