Elizabeth Warren refuses to commit to targeting terrorists if elected

Democrats should be celebrating the death of Iranian General Qassem Soleimani, not apologizing to Iran for it.

But the crusade against President Donald Trump has gotten so ridiculous that 2020 hopeful Elizabeth Warren made the fatal mistake of publically refusing to commit to killing terrorist leaders if she were to be elected, the Daily Wire reports.

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In this day and age, fighting terrorism should be at the top of any presidential candidate’s agenda. But for this current class of Democrat candidates, the exact opposite seems to be the case. Democrats keep describing this as a political assassination, but that is far from the truth.

Soleimani was the leader of the Quds Force, a group that was designated as a terrorist organization by Trump. That made him a high-priority target of interest, and when intelligence reports found that he was threating the lives of Americans, Trump took action.

But the same could not be said for Warren facing a similar situation, apparently. When Warren was put on the spot by CNN’s Jake Tapper on Sunday about killing the leader of a terrorist organization, she refused to commit to doing so. Take a look:

Debunked theory

Warren also took to pushing a debunked theory on Sunday about why Trump had Soleimani killed when he did. According to Warren, Trump was doing this to deflect from impeachment.

But Warren’s allegation has been dissected considerably over the last few days, and it appears the statement is flat-out false. First and foremost, Soleimani has already been linked to the attack that killed an American contractor in late December. He is also responsible for the deaths of hundreds of our troops during his time in power.

Additionally, Trump has had other opportunities to take out Soleimani during this impeachment prior to the date of the actual attack.

Soleimani was presented as a target after the contractor was killed, but Trump did not order the strike at that time. It was only after Soleimani was linked to the embassy attack in Iraq that Trump ordered the strike to be carried out.

Elizabeth Warren has exposed herself as not only a liar, but an anti-American liar who, if elected, is perfectly willing to sacrifice the lives of Americans overseas to appease the Iranian regime. What a shame.

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