Elizabeth Warren accused of lying to protester: ‘My children went to public schools’

This week, Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA), one of the Democrats’ frontrunners for 2020, ran into some trouble on the campaign trail.

When confronted by a protester advocating for educational choice for all Americans, Warren claimed that her children all went to public schools — though her campaign later revealed that her son Alex in fact attended private school, Fox News reports.

On-camera confrontation

Warren’s education plan, which calls for limits on the expansion of charter schools, the elimination of school vouchers, and the elimination of tuition tax credits, has received widespread criticism thus far on the campaign trail.

In the senator’s own words: “We should stop the diversion of public dollars from traditional public schools through vouchers or tuition tax credits – which are vouchers by another name… We should fight back against the privatization, corporatization, and profiteering in our nation’s schools.”

However, many are fighting back against Warren’s plan, including one school choice activist who caught Warren in a lie on Thursday. “We are going to have the same choice that you had for your kids because I read that your children went to private schools,” Sarah Carpenter, the activist, said to Warren.

“My children went to public schools,” the senator replied, and the whole exchange was caught on video. Watch below:

The truth

Contrary to Warren’s assertion, the Washington Free Beacon reports that Warren’s son indeed attended a private school in the 1980s.

“A school yearbook obtained by the Washington Free Beacon indicates, however, that Warren’s son, Alex Warren, attended the Kirby Hall School for at least the 1986-1987 school year, Warren’s final year as a professor at the University of Texas at Austin,” the paper’s report found. “The college preparatory school is known for its ‘academically advanced curriculum’ and offers small class sizes for students in grades K-12. The yearbook indicates that Alex Warren attended as a fifth grader.”

The Federalist reported that Warren’s son also later attended the private Haverford School in Pennsylvania.

These facts were, probably begrudgingly, admitted by Warren’s own campaign. “Elizabeth’s daughter went to public school. Her son went to public school until 5th grade,” said Kristen Orthman, Warren’s communications director. She went on:

Elizabeth wants every kid to get a great education regardless of where they live, which is why her plan makes a historic investment in our public schools. Every public school should be a great school. Her plan does not affect funding for existing non-profit charter schools, but she believes we should not put public dollars behind a further expansion of charters until they are subject to the same accountability requirements as public schools.

Pervasive dishonesty

Accountability is the keyword here, and it is an attribute that a candidate cannot be said to possess when he or she consistently lies on the campaign trail.

This time Warren’s dishonesty was caught on video in real-time, but it makes one wonder — in addition to her well-known and highly dubious claims of Native American ancestry — what other untruths she is willing to brazenly disseminate to the American people.

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